7 Easy way to fix xfinity remote not working in 2022: [Updated]

Do you know why your xfinity remote not working? Well there may be multiple reasons like your remote battery power is down, xfinity remote control button not working, sensor not working or your remote is physically damaged. 

In this post we will first list out the reasons why your xfinity remote is not working and then we will share some troubleshooting steps to fix it.

The very basic step is to replace your remote batteries and place it in the right direction. If it is still not working, follow the steps to program xfinity remote, reset your remote, pair it again, at last buy a new remote.

If you already know the reasons then you can directly jump to the solutions below, otherwise let’s get started 

xfinity remote not working

It is very annoying, when you are all set to watch your favourite channel and somehow find that your XFinity remote is not working. 

Without a remote you are not able to control your TV and adjust the volume.

Many of the users have complained that their remote volume button, LED lights are not functioning properly.

If you have encountered such a problem then you must know the reasons why your xfinity remote is not working.

Most common Reasons affecting Xfinity remote

Battery Damage

Every battery has its life cycle once it is complete it stops working. As per report the average life cycle of a battery is 1-2 years. Your remote will not work if the batteries of your remote are dead.

Something Stuck on Sensor

Remote sensor is crucial when it comes to controlling your TV. This problem occurs when there is something stuck on your sensor.

Physical damage

Once in a while if your remote has fallen from the heights, there may be a chance that it may get damaged from inside. Remote consists of interconnected circuits, if any of the circuits are damaged, it makes the remote stop working.

Not Programed Properly

This problem occurs when you first purchase a product. Whenever you first purchase a product it has to program properly. Without proper programming your xfinity remote will not work.

Using Third party remote

If you are not using the original remote with your Tv, then also your remote will not work properly. Not all the third party remotes have the same functionality as the original remote.

Buttons are stuck or jammed

Sometimes we check all the aspects but the main cause is found in your remote itself. Your remote will stop working if any of the remote buttons are jammed or stuck with the body. You can easily examine the problem by simply checking all the buttons.

How to Fix xfinity remote not working

Check the Remote buttons

If you are using xfinity remote and your remote is not working or responding when you press them. Then you have to follow the steps below to fix  it.

  1. First press any button on your remote.
  2. Check if the LED is flashing, if not replace the battery and check again.
  3. If the red light is continuously flashing for five times, it indicates that your battery is weak and should be replaced.
  4. If nothing happens when you press the button, then you have to clean the terminal. Refer below

Clean the remote terminals

 Cleaning a remote terminal requires a technical knowledge as any minute mistake can break your remote completely. You can use cotton balls, tissue and an electronic cleaner. 

Remove the battery cover of your remote and remove the body. You can also take the help of a technician or expert person. Dip the cotton balls or tissue in an electronic cleaner solution and rub it over the circuit board firmly.

Again take a tissue and clean all the liquid and let it dry for a minute. Then assemble the remote and use the new battery and check again.

xfinity remote volume not working

If your xfinity remote volume is not working and you are unable to adjust the volume then there is a problem with the volume button. You can check the volume control button of Tv to adjust the volume. 

If volume is working using the Tv button then you have to reset the remote control to the factory setting. 

Through this all your settings will change to default and you have to reprogram your remote with TV.

xfinity voice remote not working

Voice command allows you to control your Tv from your commands. You can easily manage, navigate, open,close and search text hand free. But the problem arises when you are used to this feature and it won’t work.

If you are able to operate using regular remote buttons, then there may be a chance your battery is low and needs replacement.

As when we use voice command over the remote it requires more power to store the voice and convert it to binay language as all the electronic devices understand binary language.

But when we use a regular button to send a signal it automatically saves more power. Another reason for xfinity voice remote not working is not pair properly. Try to reset your remote and re-pair it with Tv.

How to reset xfinity remote

It is a more effective method to fix your xfinity remote not working. By factory resetting your remote, all the data will automatically erase from the system and you are unable to restore them.

This method is mainly used when there is any technical problem in your remote and can’t be fixed using simple troubleshooting methods.

By resetting all your minute errors and bugs will automatically be fixed and you will experience a new device. 

xfinity xr15

To reset xfinity xr15 remote you have to follow below steps:

  • First you have to tap and hold button A and D at the same time.
  • Hold the button for 3-5 seconds until the light changes from  red to green.
  • Once the light turns green, press the button 9-8-1.
  • After that, your remote will blink blue light for 3 times indicating your xfinity xr15 remote is successfully reset.

xfinity xr11

After performing all the troubleshooting methods and your remote buttons still not working, you need to factory reset your xfinity xr11 remote.

  • First look for the setup button and press it until the LED lights turn red to green.
  • Now again press the three buttons 9-8-1.
  • Next, your remote will start blinking a green light , showing that the reset process is complete. 

xfinity xr2

It may be possible you are using an old xfinity xr2 remote and it is not working properly. You can easily reset it to factory default simply follow the steps below:

  • Look for the setup button and press it until the LED lights turn red to green.
  • Once the LED is flashing green light, press the 9-8-1 button.
    Afterwards, your remote will automatically start flashing a green light.

If it’s still not functioning then the last option is to purchase a new xfinity remote. There are ongoing promotional offers on the remote. Where you can claim up to 25% off if you purchase it today.

Take a look below:

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