Why is my wii remote motion sensor not working | Complete guide 2022

Are you struggling to find why your wii remote not working? If you’re using a wii remote for a long time you might find that your wii remote stops working and won’t turn on.

To get it to work again you have to follow some troubleshooting steps to check hardware configuration, reset your remote, fix the remove button and clean the remote completely.

Apart from fixing your wii remote, this guide will also help you to set up your remote, sync with the TV, and how to reset your remote completely.

Let’s get into the details 

Wii remote not working

Have you ever wondered why your remote is not working or won’t connect to the console? The very first reason is due to its weak battery performance.

All remotes use batteries to perform any operation. If there is no light visible or you are remote won’t pair, now it’s the time to change the batteries.

WII remote usage to AA batteries, you can change the battery or if you’re using a rechargeable battery then you can recharge your battery and insert it again.

Once you have changed the battery then it will automatically re-sync with the remote and start performing well.

According to the company, your remote battery should work for approximately 60 hours if you are a normal user or up to 25 hours if you’re using it as a pointer.

Wii remote control flashing blue lights

Wii remote control flashing blue lights is the most common problem shared by the users including an unresponsive lagging that disappears character and sometimes does not work.

You can fix your wii remote flashing blue light by cleaning the pointer of the remote and changing the batteries.

It works pretty well if you operate your remote from a distance of 2-5 feet away from the sensor. 

Make sure there are no unwanted infrared rays near your remote as it will affect your remote performance.

Wii remote sensor not working

Do you ever find your remote won’t work when you are at a final round of the game? 

This is because there is some fluid or something stuck on the sensor. 

Move your remote to the direct line of your remote and make sure the sensor bar is not obstructed by anything.

You can clean your sensor, using tissue or cotton balls. Remove the batteries and rub tissue around the remote.

If the problem persists, you need to buy a new remote. Take a look at the best deals on wii remote 2022.


Wii remote buttons not working

If your wii remote sensor is working fine but your remote button won’t respond, try to firmly tap your remote 2-3 times to remove the dust from the cabinet.

Remove the batteries and firmly clean the remote and turn the remote on. Press the power button and check whether your buttons are working fine. If the problem continues, then you need to reboot your wii remote.

Reboot your wii remote

  1. Rebooting is very simple; you only have to remove the batteries. 
  2. Wait for 1-2 minutes and then re-insert them (no need to insert new batteries).
  3. Wait for a second to automatically wake up your wii remote completely.
  4. Resync your wii remote.

How to reset wii remote completely

To reset wii remote you have to turn off and unplug all your gaming accessories. Wait for a minute and then plug it again into the system.

Next, Turn on the Wii console and hold the red sync button for 20 seconds until the health and safety screen appears. 

Once the health and safety screen appears on your tv release the sync button.

Remove the battery cover and under the compartment, there is a small red button. Press the red button and a blue light starts blinking in front of the remote.

After a few seconds, the lights will stop blinking and stay on, indicating the reset process is complete.

How to Re-sync wii remote 

First, tap the Power button and turn it on.

Next, remove the battery cover of your remote to be synced.

press and hold the sync button under the battery compartment until the console led will start flashing blue light.

Quickly release the sync button on the wii console.

When the light stops blinking and stays on, the re-sync process is complete.

If you have multiple remotes then you have to follow the same process follow for each remote attached to the system.

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