What is Talktalk Homesafe – Steps To Turn Off Talktalk Homesafe in 2 clicks

As the name suggest “Talktalk Homesafe”, it is a software offered by talktalk company which protect your home from unwanted cyber attacks. You can call it as a firewall for your internet connections. But do you know it can do much more than just firewall.

Since the internet has become an essential part of our daily routine, people are still confused about whether TalkTalk homesafe is suitable for them. 

Almost every day, we see a lot of news about predators searching for children on social media account or communities.

As a result, children develop their interest in social media sites, and overusing the internet that causes additions to them. Therefore, getting bad grades on the test, not going to school, and even showing any interest in sports and games.

What is Talktalk Homesafe

What is Talktalk Homesafe

Parents must be aware that there are many information, images, chats, and profile pictures on the internet that can cause harm to their children. We also understand that all parents want to guide and watch their kids every time, but they can’t be with them when they are online.

That is why we introduce “Talktalk Homesafe” It is software that protects your family from harmful activities on the internet. Buying this software is considered essential for any family and a responsible step for any parents.

It only takes a few minutes to purchase talk talk homesafe on the internet. You can use your desktop or mobile phone and google Talktalk homesafe, click on the official website link and buy it. It may be possible that there, not the best software available on the top searches of Google, and you think which parental control software is best as per your choice.

How to Choose Best Parental Control Software

You can discuss with people of your age or talk to other parents about what is good about Talktalk Homesafe and ask to share their reviews and experience.

You can also surf on the internet and read complete documentation online or contact a sales department through the Talk talk Live chat option.

Still having any doubt, you can read our entire post, where we have shared detailed information about which software is best for parental control in 2022.

Checks Before Buying Parental control software

  1. You must check that software must have at least a 15 days trial period to use it practically before purchasing.
  2. The software should have a minimum of 5 updates for a year.
  3. Can be used in all types of online device.
  4. Should provide the best security as per changing the online world.
  5. It can be compatible with any operating system.

As per my thought, all the points are essential according to the daily changing online world is getting danger day by day. So, the software should remain updated and work correctly with the new additional features.

Talktalk Homesafe Packages

When you plan to buy TalkTalk homesafe, you must ask about what it does and do it with all the necessary things. What would you like to use it for?

As not all parental control softwares is the same, all have different aspects of work and provide different security to the users. 

TalkTalk Home Safe permits you to decide the actions and control on all the devices connected to the router. Here, the company has three unique packages for their users:

  1. Kids Safe – it will help you to block all adult websites and all your choice of categories of websites.
  2. Homework Time – Gives limited access to internet connectivity to use social media and online gaming. 
  3. Virus Alerts – safe your devices from external attacks of malicious websites. 

To read more: TalkTalk Parental Controls

TalkTalk Home Safe Features

Web Browser

It protects your internet surfing on the browsers. You can set an action to allow or disallow certain websites. It also blocks unwanted files or apps to download on your device. There is another option to block the entire category of websites like violence, adult content, harmful content, gambling, and many more.

Currently, Talktalk homesafe supports all the major browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer.

Support Different Devices

Many Internet service provider companies block the 18+ content at the network level. You can check by dialing the customer service number and confirm if the filter is on or off. As per the news, the major mobile providers like O2, Vodafone, EE & Three automatically block all the 18+ content through the network filtering systems. 

This is only applicable when the device is connected to the mobile network, not with the wifi. You can use a homesafe application on your device to protect it on the mobile network. It supports all the operating system like:

Social Media Networks

As per the age restrictions on the social media application, it won’t allow access to children of age below 13 years. In 2022, most of the social platforms have this inbuilt function in the settings option where you can decide who can see your post and control your visibility on the internet. 

Video Streaming

There is a massive range of content available on the Video platform like Netflix, amazon prime, etc. Everyone has different tastes in terms of series and movies, ranging from family to adult person. You can set a password or a pin to the videos’ categories, which can be viewed on your children’s device based on the age parameter.

Youtube already has an age restrictions option enabled in their videos. Children below the age of 13 years won’t be able to see any harmful videos on youtube. Some of the other platforms are BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Video and Prime, Apple TV, Sky TV, TalkTalk TV Store.

How to Setup Talktalk Homesafe

When it comes to the setup talk talk homesafe process, many users get confused about installing it. You can see from their face the belief that installing or setting up software is a complicated task, and in some cases, they become scared to do it.

You have to follow the below simple points, and you will find how simple it is to install the software on a device.

  • If you are a TalkTalk customer, you will need your username and password. You have to go through with the registration part for a new user, where you will be required to enter a TalkTalk landline number and account number.
  • Visit the official website, click on the My Account section. Enter your username and password and click on login.
  • Move your mouse pointer to the My service option in the menu options at the top of the web page.
  • Next, select the View Homesafe settings from the various options.
  • At last, click on filters, change your settings according to your needs, and click on save.

Your router will restart once you have clicked on the save button, and you have to re-enter the password and connect all your devices one by one.

Settings to turn off Talktalk Homesafe

Many people were complaining that their home safe is not working correctly. After installing homesafe, they cannot visit any website or not watch any video. This only happens when you have not done the installation part correctly. Do one thing remove the talk talk homesafe entirely from the device and reinstall it again.

A recent study shows that more than 30% of new features are launched, and only 2-5% can tackle them. In some cases, there may be a chance to skip the scanning process.

  • Below I have shared the steps to disable or remove the homesafe from the device.
  • Firstly, you have to visit the official website and login into the dashboard.
  • Click on my account section and move your mouse pointer to my services option.
  • Next, click on view homesafe settings.
  • You can click on the toggle button, and it will disable or bypass the TalkTalk homesafe until you switch it on.

This is how you can bypass or remove talktalk homesafe by yourself. If you still have any doubt just comment below or reach us through contact us form. Additionally, you can also refer to the below video for better understanding.

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