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According to you, What is a good ping speed for online gaming, surfing the internet, boost Wifi connection & Broadband. 

The full form of PING is Packet Internet Groper, as the name suggests it carry signals packets from one network to another. This transformation of signals from one computer to another is measured in milliseconds.

If you don’t know your ping speed, don’t worry; we are here to help you find your ping speed and steps to improve your current ping speed.

Have you ever faced an internet problem while playing online games, even though you have a good upload and download speed?

If you remember, then yes, you are right; it is your internet ping. It can create several problems not while playing online games but also using the internet on other devices.

If it happens regularly, you must know what ping is, run a ping test, and steps to improve the ping speed. Follow the complete article below to learn more about the ping test.

What’s my Ping Speed

Many people things that the internet speed depends on the upload and the download speed. There is no doubt that the network connections depends on the upload and download speed. However, there is also another term, which is known as ping. 

A ping is a method through which the data is transferred from one computer to another. Ping communicate with another computer via the internet or a LAN network and share your data from one place to another using internet.

Therefore, the lower the ping, the higher is the internet connection, or the higher the ping, the lower is the internet connection speed.

You can check the ping in your system through the latency test. A latency test is a test carried out to determine the relationship or measure the connection between the two systems.

How to do a ping test

How to do a ping test

There is a simple way through which you can check the ping on your computer or laptop. For that you must have a working internet connection and your system should be connected to internet. 

This section explains how you can do a ping test By yourself. The ping test is necessary for the network troubleshooting in your computer when your internet connection is not working.

Below I have shared some steps through which you can do a ping test.

  • First of all, you have to connect your system with an internet connection.
  • Click on the start menu and search for “run” or you can use a shortcut key (window key + r) to open the run window.
  • Now type CMD in the run prompt and click on enter.
  • You have to type PING and followed by space in the command window, and then you have to enter your IP address.
    • Example:- Ping
ping test
  • To check the ping of a website, you have to follow the same step above and type.
  • Next, you have to press the enter button.
  • At last, the commands window will show the result of your ping test.
speed test

How to Find an IP address?

  • Click on the Start icon & click on settings.
  • Next, select a network and internet options.
  • To check the Ip address of your Lan connection, choose Ethernet. 
  •  For a wireless connection, choose the wifi option. 
  • Your Ip address is visible next to IPv4 Address.

What is a good ping speed

There are no specific guidelines available to measure the good ping speed. However, as per the report and the information available on the internet, if you are ping speed is below 100ms, it is considered a good ping speed.

If you are a gamer, then you must hear a word ping is low or high. As per the article on Isprovider, it is term as if you are getting ping ranging from 50ms to 100ms is considered a good ping speed. At the same time, the fast ping rate is range below 30ms. 

Good ping speed for gaming

good ping speed for gaming

If you have an average ping rate between 30ms and 100ms, you will not face any problem while playing online games. 

When you play some high duty games online, you have seen how much time they need to load their servers. This is because your router is making a connection with the game servers and respond on your behalf. 

All these connections establish are measured in milliseconds, and the process is known as latency. Latency is just like a two-way highway; the higher the data a signal carry the more time it will take. Here, the upload and download speed depends, but the strength of the internet relies as well.

Latency Test

You can do a latency test to check the latency and ping connection in your area. For that, you have to connect your system with ADSL for a better result.

ADSL is always recommended by the operators whenever you do a speed test. Connect your computer or laptop with the ADSL wire and choose any of the websites below.

  • SpeedTest by Okla
  • Fast Ping Test
  • Ping test

Steps for Latency test

  1. Check your Ethernet cable.
  2. Visit the websites mention above.
  3. Choose the country and the server.
  4. Click on the go button.
  5. The website will start checking your latency depending upon your area.
  6. After containing download and upload speed, the website will show your latency in milliseconds.

How to improve your ping speed

good ping speed

Lower the ping rate high would be the internet connection. You can optimize your ping from the below methods:

Software: All of your software in your system is up to date. Remove all unwanted software from the computer that runs in the background.

Multiple Downloads:

  1. Try to download one file at a time.
  2. Suppose some files are already downloading, stops it, and set their priority one by one.
  3. Switch off the automatic windows update setting from the app store.

Several devices: Speed is inversely proportional to the number of devices connected. The more number of devices connected to the broadband, the less number of ping you will get.

Cable: Always try to use your computer or laptop with the ethernet cable. Ethernet cables provide more bandwidth as compared to wifi networks. 

Switch to Fibre: This is an additional method through which you will get a high ping rate. It is suitable for the users having an underclocked 1.8Ghz computer because you can’t improve the hardware a lot. So, you can switch to a fibre connection for a better experience.

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