Vodafone PAC code – Get Your PAC Code within 60 Seconds

Getting a vodafone pac code has become quite easy because the communication regulator makes it easy for customers to switch from one network to another.

By Using Vodafone Pac code you can transfer your operator from Vodafone to any new operator without losing your current number. All this process is also known as mobile network portability, that is why some people use to call vodafone MNP code..

PAC or MNP is one of the same things. Both are required to transfer your services from vodafone to the new service provider.

Here we will assist you to get your vodafone PAC code within 60 seconds. If you are good at typing, it will take 2-3 minutes.

Let’s get into this.

How to Get Vodafone Pac Code

When you have decided to change your Network, you need to provide a bank code to the current service provider.

But in case if you want to purchase a new service or new number then there is no need for PAC code because everything will be set up as a new.

There are multiple ways to get code for your number:

Request by Text

The easiest way and time consuming method is through sending a message on a particular number.

You have to type PAC and send it to 65075 from your Vodafone phone.

Through Online

Another way is through the official website, but here you have to first login into your account and click on my account section then settings and at last you have to click on the mobile switching option.

By Calling

If you’re not a tech friendly person then the best way to get a Vodafone PAC code is by calling customer service number. You have to dial 191 from your Vodafone handset and it will connect you to the customer support agent. These customer service lines are available from 9 AM to 8 PM every day. 

Using Form

If you’re looking for an option apart from text message, online, calling then I have an option for you. Later people used to send a form to the company and ask for a code which they sent to the New company. Which will take a lot of the time but if you prefer to go with the form option then you can fill up a form and post it to the current service provider address.

What Is the Use of Pac Code

As mentioned above Vodafone MNP code is used to transfer or switch from current service provider to new service provider. 

In some locations it is termed as PAC code which stands for (porting authorisation code) and MNP code which stands for (mobile number portability).

Does Vodafone PAC code cost anything?

No, Vodafone doesn’t charge anything to provide PAC code to the customer. However, If there is outstanding in your account or unpaid bill, you will likely be charged for that amount. You can check all the details in your my account section.

How to Request for Vodafone Pac Code Online

There are 4 ways through which you can request for vodafone porting authorisation code:

  1. Using SMS
  2. Official Website (My account)
  3. Vodafone App (Available on Play Store and app store)
  4. By Calling

How Many Digits in a Vodafone Pac Code

Pac code consists of 9 digits where first 3 are letters and remaining 6 are numbers. There is no such pattern available for the code means code can consist of any number of series and alphabets.

Why Is My Vodafone Pac Code Not Working

Everything comes with a time limit, even ourselves. So, your vodafone pac code is not working, maybe its time has expired. The validity of the code is only available for up to 30 days after that you have to place a complete new request by calling 191 from your vodafone phone.

Vodafone Live Chat Support

If you still have a problem getting your vodafone MNP or PAC code then you can connect to Vodafone live web chat support by clicking the chat option on the official website.

  • Dial 1907 for Bill related problem, Broadband problems 
  • Dial 1747 for only pay as you go customers.

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