Vodafone Content Control – Change Your Parental Control Settings Now

Hey guys, are you looking to enhance or change the Vodafone content control settings or want to remove it from your broadband? Then this tutorial is for you.

Today I’m going to show you how you can implement Vodafone Control content control in your broadband.

Yesterday I was working on some websites, and I need to restrict/block some categories of websites. I spent a lot of time searching on the internet to block spamming websites from my Vodafone broadband.

Then I came across Vodafone content control or Vodafone parental content control. I will clear all the questions and doubt about people saying it didn’t work with the latest software update in Vodafone broadband in today’s post. We will also discuss step one how you can use it in your broadband.

Why you need Vodafone content control?

The question is, why you need Vodafone content control? This is a lovely question the many people will focus on do they need content control on the broadband?

There is much inappropriate content on social media or the internet world, such as pornography, violence, and gambling, spread worldwide.

All this content can change your child’s mindset. Else all the parents should always be kept in mind to monitor the content control over their internet or home network.

And suppose you don’t remember and want a complete tutorial about Vodafone content control settings. In that case, this is the ultimate guide where you will get all the information from purchasing Vodafone content control to installing in your broadband.

Vodafone Content Control

How Content Control Vodafone Works

Vodafone content control gives you additional security over the internet and protects your data from harmful viruses. It also has another feature of parental control that will allow you to access or control your kid’s mobile data usage.

Additionally, you will get three months of mobile security that protects your mobile from harmful software and applications. It is available free of cost for the first three months, and after that, you have to pay one euro per month to use this service.

If you think this is interesting and want to install it on your device or home network, follow the below steps to discuss how you can purchase the Vodafone content control from the internet and how to use it on your device.

By default, all the Service providers have free install content filter settings In their broadband but at a very initial level.

The company provides a secure network to the user, and to this option, you can also enable it on your home network.

How to apply content control in Vodafone

For new users

  • If you are a new customer, then you have first to visit the site and register yourself.
  • You can use your mobile number or email ID for registration purposes.
  • Once you successfully logged in, you have to go to the account setting under my Vodafone tab.
  • Under the content controlling section, In my Vodafone tab.
  • Here you have to click on the change button and turn on the restriction features and click on save.

For existing users

If you are a Vodafone customer, then you have to visit the official website login into your account dashboard, or you can see this link.

During the activation process, you will see multiple levels of parental control. You have to choose the best level as per your needs.

  • None
  • Safe
  • Super-Safe
  • Ultra-Safe

None Level

None Level

Where none option means there are no Restrictions on your broadband network. You can view any website under the none option.

Safe Level:


This is the initial level of security given by Vodafone. This is recommended if you want to protect your home network from the virus or some fishing website. It will restrict access from the outside world to enter your home network.

Super Safe:


It has all the functions of the safe security level; additionally, you will also get an option to block the sites’ categories within the super-safe option. The types of websites can be hate, crime, drugs, gambling, 18+ content.

Ultra Safe:


This is the extreme security level provided by the Vodafone company in terms of content filter broadband. It has both the facility of safe and super safe option; additionally, it will block all the online activities that are harmful to you like gaming, dating sites, and some irrelevant education website.


This option is available for the users who want to customize the content control settings according to their needs. The company also gives access to the customers to create their security level with the combination of all these three levels. If you want to design a specific type of content control according to your need, you can choose the custom option.

Where you can use content control?

As per the new update, you can use content control in multiple platforms like device, desktop, browser, games, etc. 

Vodafone Content Control

As per the guidelines by the government of the United Kingdom, all the mobile operators must have block 18+ content at the network level. This is only applicable when using a mobile data connection, and it won’t work for broadband networks. 

For all the broadband network, you have to use this as a filter in your device.

Mobile Devices

Previously, it is only available to the desktop or the broadband network. After the update and modifications by the developer team, now it is also available for a mobile device. It provides security, safety and content control over the smartphone even in mobile data usage.

Android Mobile

All the android users can download an application from the play store and login with their username and password to enable this feature on their mobile devices.


For iPhone users, there is an additional feature included in the application for FaceTime. You can turn on or off your FaceTime in the application, which is available on the App Store.

Window Mobile

The window users also get an option to install this application on the device. For that, they have to purchase the paid application from the store and enable it on their Windows device.


This software is designed to protect users from malicious internet activities on the home network. The company provides both the Versions Mac and PC and offers different flexibility levels in the application as per their operating system.

Windows 10

you can check and control the online activity of your child. Also, keep track of what your children are using or assessing on the internet and how much time they use the internet. 


For the macOS users, Apple gives access to block the activities like camera, mail, office, meetings, Google meet, and some other functions.


you can control your browsers with this software. This software fully supports all the new and all browsers, and it will automatically block all the pop-up websites, violence, and harmful content. Some of the examples of browsers are Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera.


This is the additional feature of the content control, and most of the parents purchase it to stop their children from spending more time gaming. Gaming is a good thing if it is playing in limited access. But today, most of the children are spending a lot of the time on gaming, and they don’t even focus on other co-curricular activities like playing outdoor games, interacting with the other children, homework, etc. 

You can set timing restrictions on the system like PlayStation and Xbox, where it can only use unlimited time on the internet through the broadband network. It is a way you can manage the gaming time of your children ingeniously.

Vodafone content control broadband settings

To access settings you will need your login credentials (username and password). In some case, you also need to submit your credit card details to confirm your age. As there is an age-restrictions, you must be 18+ to use this feature.

Major changes you can do in your vodafone broadband settings are:

  1. Block Inappropriate content
  2. Phishing contents
  3. Anonymizers
  4. Control on internet activities
  • Type Vodafone.co.uk in your browser or visit official site.
content control broadband settings
  • Enter your Username or registered email and password (for new users click on register now).
  • Place your mouse pointer on the My Vodafone Tab.
my vodafone
  • Click on Account settings
  • Under my settings page, you can see content control option.
content control
  • Tap on change button and it will change the status to on.

Bypass Vodafone content control

For Pay monthly plan vodafone users, content filter is automatically enabled. For user’s don’t want to pay extra amount to use this feature, you’ll have to turn off vodafone content control.

There is no option available in your dashboard to bypass the content control settings. You can only turn off the service from the my vodafone app or the dashboard.

  • In your My vodafone app, visit manage bars and extra section.
  • Click on Mobile data options.
  • Select Content control and change it to off.

The process of activation and deactivation is similar in website where you have to follow all the steps. The only difference is when you want to turn of you have to change the toggle to off. That’s it now you have successfully bypass vodafone content control through website.

Some other alternatives

Vodafone also provides some other alternatives for their users, like the Vodafone guardian control app, available in the google play store and the App Store. Through this app, you can control the activities or keep an eye on your kid’s mobile device.

Vodafone guardian control app

It permits parents to keep track of their children’s SMS, incoming and outgoing calls. Once you have installed the application on your child’s device, then he/she will not remove it.

Application installations as a secondary device don’t have access to remove, delete, or change the settings. Parents are the only ones who can modify, alter, or remove Vodafone content control from the secondary device.

Vodafone guardian control app

Additionally, the company also works with the CEOP department to help children to understand the online world. It also guides children about the safe usage of the internet and how to avoid some illegal activities.

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