Oh no! Virgin media WiFi not working but ethernet is connected – What to Do?

If you are facing a problem where your virgin media wifi is not working but the ethernet cable is showing connected? Then there must be a problem with your system.

Virgin media internet is the best and most reliable internet service in the United kingdom. It makes your work easy and fast to upload and submit.

Why is my virgin media wifi not working on my device? Well, there are various reasons that cause it to stop and create problems with your virgin media wifi.

Unlike no one is interested to do a daily check or a basic troubleshoot until it stops working or lands us in a troubleshooting situation. 

Just like other service providers virgin media is not exempt when it comes to internet connections.

As per the report on Down Detector https://downdetector.co.uk/, virgin media has cable internet, mobile internet and device most reported problems in 2021. 

To check the recent outages you can click on the link below and it will redirect you to the official website where you can keep a track of virgin media recent outages in your area. 

Do you know what to do when your Virgin media wifi is not working but ethernet is connected? Well, no worries you will figure it out yourself as you read this complete article.

I am here to share some of the very useful quick guides to fix virgin media Wi-Fi not working problems. We will move step by step starting from the reasons why my virgin media wifi is not working to how to fix virgin media wifi problem.

Reasons why Virgin media wifi not working?

Finding a problem with wifi is not the solution until you start acting to fix the issue to overcome such frustrating problems.

Interestingly, you can fix the issue at your home if you find the problem without the help of an engineer. So, let’s find the reasons why your virgin media wifi is not working and what causes your wifi to stop. 

Is your Router is outdated

Router is the only device that forwards the data packets or transmits the data signals between the source and the destination. An outdated router can’t perform the traffic directing in a better way. 

There may be a chance that your outdated router is not capable of transferring data at a high speed. 

Now, a Latest router must have 802.11 n support with WMM features. If you are looking to buy a new router or exchange it with a new router then a new router must have a features like:

  1. 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz.
  2. 20 Mhz or 40 Mhz
  3. AP Isolate.
  4. IP Flood Detection.
  5. Multicast Rate. 
  6. Preamble Type.

DNS Cache Problem

Dns cache problem stops you from visiting the website. You can check the DNS settings of your current Internet Service Provider or network. If you have changed your DNS setting recently, then you might have entered the details incorrectly.

  1. To fix the DNS cache problem follow below:
  2. Go to the Start menu of your desktop or laptop.
  3. Click on the search icon (Type here to search).
  4. Enter CMD and press the enter button.
  5. CMD command window will appear.
  6. Now type ipconfig /flushdns and again press the enter button.

Unwanted Software

Sometimes, your desktop or laptop may have unwanted software like outdated antivirus or firewall which may block your wifi connection. 

Due to this your device would not be able to connect with the wifi connection.

  1. To remove unwanted software follow below step:
  2. Open the search box on your desktop, enter the control panel  and hit the enter button.
  3. Now select the programs option then click on program and features.
  4. Click on the software which you don’t want to use and select Uninstall/move. 
  5. At last, follow the instructions on the screen.

How to fix virgin media slow internet

When your internet connection is not working then, Firstly you have to check all the wires connected to your router or hub. 

It’s not matter whether you have a virgin media standard hub or superhub, rebooting your router at least two times is always recommended.


Every router should have a reset button or power button, turn the router off by pressing the power button and wait for a minimum of 15 seconds before switching it back on again.


Restarting a device is very simple. You don’t have to find which button you have to press. Just unplug the router from the main switch and wait for a few seconds and plug it again.

It helps to figure out whether there is a problem with your device wifi or the external cable attached to it.

Switch Off your Antivirus 

Some of the virgin media users use antivirus in their system which blocks some unwanted websites and users think that there is a problem with the wifi.

It is good to use antivirus in your system as it protects you from cyber attacks, virus, malicious threats but we always recommend you to use the best antivirus software for your device.

Below you can check our antivirus collection as per your system configuration. 

Update Software

Whenever a user has a problem with the virgin media wifi connection we always ask whether your system is up to date. 

Many users found that their wifi problem is automatically resolved once they have updated their system softwares.

Before doing a software update, always try to turn off your by default antivirus.

Update network settings:

Just like reset router settings, update network settings will remove all previous settings and update it to factory resetting.

To do network changes:

  1. Goto the window settings, and click on network and internet options.
  2. Click on the status button and click on network reset button.
  3. It will ask for restart of your device, grant the permission and click ok.

Wifi Connecting Issues in devices

You may not be able to use your application in your mobile if virgin media wifi is not working in your android or iphone. The problem arises when you are not from a technical background and doing troubleshooting may be challenging for you.

The process is similar to all the types of mobile irrespective of android, ios or windows. These steps will help you to do the basic wifi problem troubleshooting.

Virgin media wifi not working on iPhone

Always do a basic reboot whenever Virgin media wifi is not working on the iPhone. It will update the wifi setting automatically or remove the DNS cache from the device.

Now you can connect your wifi and check whether it is working fine or not. 

If not then tap on wifi and hold it for a few seconds until a new screen will appear.

From the list of the wifi name select your wifi and below check for forget network option.

Tap on forget network option and reconnect your iphone again with all the necessary details.

Virgin media wifi not working on Android

  • The very first step to do is restart your android device twice.
  • After that, hold the power button and tap on restart.
  • Now keep your device within the range of 30 feet from the router.
  • Check the wifi connection.
  • If it is still not working then open your setting menu.
  • Look for wifi network available
  • From the list of wifi names, select your wifi network.
  • Tap on it till the pop menu appears.
  • click on forget network.

Now reconnect your android device again with the wifi using the wifi password. Now it will work for you if not then comment below we will try to resolve it soon.

Where to Check Service Status – My Virgin Media

If you are from the people who used to remain up to date from all the upcoming schedule maintenance and faults then you must always check service status.

Virgin service status is a platform where you can check all the preplanned services and maintenance going on in a particular area.

It runs a check on your services and the kit, updates local network outages problems and appoints engineer visits if possible.

It helps to figure out the problem when your wifi is not working, you can check from the official website that there is any check going on in your locality that might affect your internet connections.

Follow the below steps to check the service status of virgin media:

  • Open your browser and type Virgin media service status check or type https://my.virginmedia.com/faults/service-status
  • It will redirect to the official page where you have to sign in to your account.
  • Below you can see the option Service status in your area.
  • Click on it and type your area postcode eg: SW111AA and click on continue.
  • It will automatically fetch the details and show the results to you.

Tips to Improve virgin media wifi connection

Many people have reported that after a few months their virgin media wifi connection is not working. 

If you don’t want this to happen to you then you can do this basic service to improve the wifi connection.

Router Place

The location of your router can create a huge difference to the internet speed. The closer the distance from your device to the router, the stronger is the internet connection.

Always try to keep the router or choose the place for the router in the middle of your place. So, it can cover equally distance from all around and keep away from obstacles. 

Remove Unwanted Interference

Figure out all of the things in your home that might interfere with Wi-Fi signals before deciding where to install your router. 

There are multiple things that can slow down the wifi connectivity like microwaves, wireless phones, wireless printers, electrical appliances and even fish tanks.

Update router firmware

All the routers come with the default configuration and with the old firmware. If you are still using your old firmware then you are missing a few important updates that will boost your wifi speed.

Depending upon your modem or router you can choose the firmware from the official website.

  1. The virgin media hub 4
  2. The virgin media hub 3
  3. virgin media Super hub 2
  4. virgin media Super hub 1

Try to Use Wired connections

Using wired connection will improve your overall internet connection and helps to stop internet dropping issues. 

There is no interference and disturbance available in the wired connection. Easy to setup and comes with plug and play features. No need to use any technical help to set up a virgin media wired connection.

Use Wifi Extender

Wifi extender is a gadget which enhances the range and the connectivity experience of the router. 

Wi-Fi signals will be retransmitted if the device is plugged in an area with a good distance.

A Wi-Fi extender is the best gadget if you have a couple of weak Wi-Fi areas in your home. Your router’s signal will be extended by the extender, which will be able to pick up from your router’s signal. 

Almost everywhere you have a spare plug socket will work.


What do I do if my virgin WiFi isn’t working?

You have to first do the basic troubleshooting, restart your router at least 2 times and then follow the steps mentioned in this post.

Why is Virgin WiFi so bad?

It is because you are still using an old outdated router, the company provides its best speed to all the users. To take advantage of this, you need a fast and superhub router that can transfer speed upto 1GBPS.

Why does my Virgin Media WiFi keep dropping out?

This is because your wifi router is not in the range of 30 feet. Always try to place a router in the middle of your place so that it can cover 30 feet from all directions.

However, you can also go for wifi connection extender, which multiplies the range of your connectivity.

How do I reset my virgin WiFi?

Every router has an inbuilt reset button, which is placed near the power button. It is not a physical button but there you can see a reset written below the hole. This hole is a reset button.

Here, you have to use a pin type thing and push the pin into the hole. Wait for a few seconds and remove it.


These are the most common virgin media wifi problems that stop your internet connection. If you have already gone through all the steps and still wifi is not connected, then feel free to use plug and play USB adapter.

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