What Does the Red Globe on the Verizon Router Mean? How to Fix it

Every color you see in your life has some meaning. Similarly, the various lights flashing on your router indicate some specific meaning. 

Red color always expresses danger or something not right. When you see a red globe in your Verizon router, it typically means your router doesn’t have an internet signal or can’t connect.

Red globe indicates that there is a problem with your router, and you have to fix it. While the green globe on your router shows, your device is working perfectly. 

Here in this short guide, we will annotate what red globe in the Verizon router mean?

What does the red globe on the Verizon router mean?

Red Globe on the Verizon Router
What Does the Red Globe on the Verizon Router Mean How to Fix it

Every Verizon router has a different set of indicators and colors to indicate a problem. Some models have multiple color indicators, while some only have green or red colors. 

As per human physiology, we usually assume red color means a problem or fault. Every company installs its lights indicators as per human nature to understand it easily. Somehow it is incredibly correct.

Similarly, the globe on the Verizon router represents different forms of indications. When your router is working fine and there is no power outage, it shows solid white light. 

Whereas Verizon router red globe indicates no internet connection, the problem with the gateway or router is overheated. 

We will explain each indication in detail and how you can determine it.

Verizon Router Red Globe mean

There are only three types of indications your router can show. It will indicate either solid red color or flashing fast or slow. 

No Internet Connection

This problem occurs when your router shows solid red color. It could happen when your ethernet cable is damaged, or the modem may be out of date.  

You can check using the wifi connection on different devices. If you are using an ethernet connection on your phone, you can pull out your mobile or tablet to check if you can access the internet over the same connection.

If the problem remains, there may be a problem with the cable, and now you can find the best quality ethernet cable.

Problem with Gateway

In simple words, the gateway is a device that acts as a bridge between your devices and the network. Your router will start flashing red lights when there is a problem with the gateway. 

Your router mainly flashes a red light when it cannot establish a connection over the network. You can check your router ISP configuration settings in my account dashboard.

Router overheat

It is tough to find a router with overheating indication technology. When your Verizon router flashes red globe fast, it means there is an overheating problem with the device. 

In such a scenario, place your router when the air circulation is appropriate, and no obstacles block its airflow. 

You can also check your room temperature and find the best location to place your router.

How to Solve Verizon Router Red Globe?

How to Solve Verizon Router Red Globe

The first step is to read the user manual and understand your product correctly whenever you encounter the same problem. In the user manual, you will find all the indications about the router and what it means.

Through this, you can quickly figure out why the Verizon Router shows a red globe. And you can quickly figure out where the WPS button is and how to enable it or reset your router to factory default.

This is the primary troubleshooting method that everyone should do when your router is not working correctly.

Additionally, we have mentioned all the troubleshooting steps you should follow to fix your router without any technician.

Fix loose connections

All wires have a decent life cycle of heating and cooling, expansion, or contraction, decreasing over time. Loose connections are the most common problem, and you can quickly fix it.

Check your wire terminal carefully at wall switches and both the outlets. Wall switches and main connections are the first places to inspect if you have loose connection problems.

First, you turn off the main switch and remove the connector from the wall switch to address this problem. With the power off, remove all the wires connected to your router and examine each wire individually. 

You can also check the connection from an alternate ethernet cable.

Check the service outage.

Your Verizon account is well equipped to inform you about the service outage. If you didn’t find any alert on your number or mail, you might be experiencing a different problem.

You can check the official website using your mobile data, like if Verizon service is a down or significant power outage affecting your location.

You can directly contact Verizon customer care and check for the service outage in your area.

Check for overheating

Overheating a router is a simple indication that your router is outdated or the latest firmware update is needed.

Alternatively, cooling is simply placing your router at a height from where airflow is possible. You can also point your table fan towards the router to bring its temperature normal.

The best solution to fix the overheating problem in your router is to purchase a router cooling fan. You can easily find the best and cheapest router cooling pad on amazon. 

Try Alternate Router

If you have upgraded your service from a standard broadband connection to fast internet. It would help if you had an alternate router with you.

There is no doubt that a new advanced router delivers the fastest internet and has more reliable connections. But you can’t take advantage of its features from your old, outdated Verizon router.

If you have been facing an internet problem for a long time, then this is a time to consider purchasing a new router oncoming black Friday deals.

You can read our best user guide to purchase a router that delivers top speed.

Restarting your Verizon router

Restarting your router will fix some minor problems. If your web pages aren’t loading, the device is connected, the internet is not working, or your online streaming is showing buffering every few seconds.

Then restarting a router will fix your problems as it gives time to cool down a router for a bit and flushes all its temp memory.

  1. Unplug the router wire from a wall switch.
  2. Wait for at least 1-2 minutes.
  3. Plug your router again.
  4. Wait for 30 seconds to stabilize the network connection.
  5. Now connect your device with the router and test to see if the problem is resolved.

Reset to factory default

Resetting a router is different from restarting a router. Resetting your Verizon router will wipe out all your settings and set it to default settings. 

Your router will become a new device, and all your username and password will automatically change to default values mentioned on the back of your box.

If you agree to perform a rest process, follow the steps:

  1. Find a reset button on the backside of your router.
  2. Take a sim ejector tool or any similar tool to press and hold a small reset button for about 15-20 seconds.
  3. Now, wait till your router is fully reset and power back on.

Once your router power is back on, all your router settings have been restored. You can now connect your device with the default username and password and customize a setting according to you.

Update the firmware to the latest version

If you have performed all the action and still have your Verizon router showing a red globe, now its a time for a firmware update. 

To update your firmware, you need to install the firmware which is developed for your particular device. 

Updating firmware will install all the latest features and operations to your router without any need to upgrade hardware. 

Installing the wrong firmware will hard brick your router so, we recommend you contact Verizon customer care and ask for suitable firmware as per your router.

Contact Verizon customer care.

The last option is to contact the technical support team and arrange an engineer visit. You can contact the customer care number 1-877-596-7577 from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm ET.

If your router problem arises during a non-working day, you can contact 24*7 number 1-800-837-4966.


How can we turn the Verizon router red globe into white?

To fix this issue, you have to perform some troubleshooting methods like Fixing loose connections, Checking the service outage, checking for overheating, trying alternate routers, looking over your cables, Restarting your Verizon router Reset to factory default, Contact Verizon customer care.

Is my Verizon router showing a red globe due to a power outage?

It may be one reason but not the only reason. Your router showing a red globe may be loose connections, service outage, overheating, damaged cables, need to restart a router, require reset, firmware outdated.

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