What does the user busy iPhone mean when calling from an iPhone?

I am sure you are not the only one who faces user busy iPhone problems while calling. Most of you could be wondering whether the other person has blocked you or you have messed with your iPhone settings.

What does user busy iPhone mean, why does it appear in your phone, or why does this problem happen to the only contact you want to call. In this article, we will explain everything about user busy in iPhone.

I have done a lot of research on apple.com and found a person calling his mother all day and getting the same user busy error message in its iPhone 6s.

Interestingly, his mother has not received a single notification about calling or text message from the carrier.

If we see this problem as per our knowledge, then there may be a case where you might think that the person you’re calling has blocked your number. But reality comes when you check the phone and call the same number from your phone simultaneously.

If you are the same person getting this kind of message, then after reading this post, you might know how to fix a user’s busy iPhone problem while calling.

What does the user Busy iphone prompt mean?

Give me never to know about incoming calls while you’re busy on another call until the same happens to you. In some cases, you will get a message of a missed call from that particular number when you are on call.

User busy message appears when you make a call from your iPhone and the call doesn’t connect. It means that the person you want to make a call is already talking to someone else, or his mobile is out of network.

There may be some other reasons why your call is not connected, like:

  1. The person’s network server is busy.
  2. The person’s mobile is out of coverage.
  3. Network overload.
  4. iPhone is switched off.

Reasons for user busy iphone error message

Even if you have reset your phone, done a factory reboot, or deleted that number from your contact list, you will still get a busy iPhone message while calling.

As per the expert, we have found a problem in the call handling function from your carrier provider.

If you can make a call or receive a call from another number, you need to contact your service provider and explain everything.

There is no setting in your iPhone that will make the user busy with error messages while calling a particular number, except call blocking.

How to fix user busy error on iPhone

Whenever you make a call, and it doesn’t connect, the person is already talking to another person. 

The iPhone always prioritizes the call that is happening now. All the calls received on the same number will reflect either in the call waiting list or user busy message.

You can easily fix this issue using a method called call waiting.

Firstly, you need to confirm that the person you’re calling has a call waiting feature activated on his number.

The call waiting function is a way to fix a user busy iPhone error message.

You have to suggest activating the call waiting for the function to a number you are calling. Suppose you want to know how to activate the call waiting for function comment below. We will guide you through the complete process.

Once you have activated call waiting on a receiver number, all the calls receiving will automatically shift to call waiting. Additionally, a receiver will get a notification while on call.

Another method is to suggest that a person activate a voicemail feature. Whenever you encounter this similar error in your iphone, it automatically transfers your call to voicemail.

You can send a message to a person, and a person will get a notification as a voicemail.

This is not the exact solution to that problem, but you can give it a try. Hopefully, it will work for you.

Otherwise, the only solution is to contact your service provider, and they will guide you about the process.


Does a busy iPhone mean “Blocked”?

No, it doesn’t mean that your number is blocked. You can even suggest the caller activate the call waiting for the feature to fix this problem.

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