TalkTalk Voicemail Or TalkTalk Voicemail Plus

Do you want to know the difference between Talktalk Voicemail and Talktalk Voicemail Plus? or confused between the two. Then this post is for you here in this post I have provided all the complete information on Voicemail.

Most people, find difficulty while accessing the voice-over message on the smart device. This is the main objective to write this post so, that we can help people to find the right way to use this service.

Before getting into the main content, make sure you know about the basics of the Talktalk Voicemail service. If not you can read the entire post & if you are already aware of the service you can choose from the below list to navigate.

Talktalk Voicemail

What is Voicemail?

Voicemail is a type of message in a Caller’s voice message that a caller sends when a person is missing or engaged in another conversation. We can term voicemail as an old answering machine.

The only difference is it stored all your messages on a service provider server mailbox. Instead of the messages that placed on the Talktalk Voicemail Answering machine.

Nowadays, Visual voicemail is used in all types of smart devices. It has the ability to check all the messages without actually listening to it.

The messages in Visual Voicemail is present in the form of Mail in a mailbox. Apart from this, you can also get an option to delete, send, forward or re-listen. Which is an improved version or a more user-friendly version of a normal voice-mail.

Voicemail Talk talk

Types of Voicemail available in Talktalk

Basically, there are two types of voicemail service is provided by the company i.e;

  • Talktalk Voicemail
  • Talktalk Voicemail Plus

Talktalk Voicemail

Although it is a normal form of voicemail, you will also get an option of Answers calls when you are not at the location or when you are busy on another call.

TalkTalk Voicemail Plus

It is an advanced version of a normal type where you can store a message in your own voice and use it as a personal greeting for all your callers. You can even have an option to choose which greeting is applied to which contacts.

Similarly, you will get an option to store up to 30 messages on the server and access them from anywhere on any device.

You can choose any of the services from the above from your Talktalk My Account section or visit

When you have selected from the two options, you can record your own voicemail greeting by dialling the 1571 number and then dial 2 to change your personal choices and then only follow the instructions to record a new message.

You’ll hear your new message now, every time someone gets through to your voicemail.

Vociemail received

Some Useful Features of Voicemail

There are numerous features that are implemented on the new form of voicemail. It is developed and improved in such a way that now you will get a sound option while sending or receiving messages.

Voicemail Feature allows us to remain in touch with our loved ones when we are not available at present. For more see the below:

  • There is an option of taking voice messages from multiple callers at a time.
  • You can transmit Talktalk Voice messages to other people’s mailbox.
  • Merge your own voice with the message.
  • Send a voice message to more than one user at a time.
  • Can store a message for a long time in a server.
  • Get a notification when you receive a voice-mail.
  • You can store the messages in the physical form in your drive and use it as an audio format.


How to Activate Voicemail on Talktalk?

To get started visit the official website of the company or type Enter your username and password then choose login.

  • Here you can Activate your voicemail.
  • Head to the My services menu.
  • Choose to manage home phone boosts
  • Next Scroll down to voicemail
  • Here you can Tick on the checkbox to Activate your voicemail features.

How to Deactivate Talktalk Voicemail?

The deactivation process is similar to that of the activation process, you have to follow the same steps above and just remove the tick option. In details:

  • Visit the Homepage of Talktalk.
  • Click on the My Account option.
  • Choose Voicemail from the list.
  • Select the Update button.
  • Remove the Tick option.

Check Your Talktalk Voicemail Messages

image 74

If you receive a new message in your mailbox, you’ll hear an interrupted dial tone whenever you call somebody. To hear your Voice message, Just dial 1571 from your device.

Your voicemail messages will now play to you, next you have the option to delete your message by pressing three options.

Save your message for the future so that you can come back to it by dialing 2 or you can listen to your saved messages by dialing 1.

Once you have listened to your voice message, You can have the option to repeat, save, or erase your Voice message.

If you wish to re-listen all your saved messages you can also do that, but make sure that the saved limit is less than 10. Otherwise, your callers not able to leave new messages on your server as the maximum limit to store voice messages are up to 10.

You can clean the space by removing unwanted voice messages from the list.

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Talk talk Voicemail Pin change

Change PIN for my TalkTalk Voicemail

If you are a TalkTalk voicemail plus customer you can also access your voicemail from another phone. Before accessing your saved or upcoming voice messages from a different device, you have to set a Pin Number.

  • First, you need to change your PIN.
  • To do this dial 1571 from your phone.
  • Then press the 2 options this will allow you to change your personal options and pin.

Save Greetings on TalkTalk Voicemail in your Voice

  • To use this feature on another phone.
  • Dial your home number when you hear the greeting.
  • Press the start button followed by your pin.
  • You will then be brought to the voicemail menu.

Do I Extend the Ring Time for my Voicemail?

I can feel your touch to extend the ring time for the TalkTalk Voicemail. By default, the ring time frame is 21 seconds (approx 7 rings) before a person can leave a voice message.

This time-frame is set to default by the company and can’t be changed by anyone. If you still want to change it do contact Talktalk Customer Service.

For more you can watch the below video:-

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