Talktalk Payment Line – Set Monthly Bill Directly to Automated Payment Line

People are now shifting from old payment methods to new talktalk payment line methods to pay their monthly bill. Online payment methods are much faster and easy than cheques or manual payment.

Users who purchase online services on the internet like a fast and quick way to pay for what they are using. This is why talktalk has introduced a talktalk payment line phone number to offer a secure online payment gateway to their users.

Payment gateway is a secure platform or a system that collects the amount from the users and transfers it to the business. This automatically processes the payment, checks the details, and then accepts or rejects the payment as per the information available on the card.

Before we go further in details let us discuss what the talktalk payment line is? 

Talktalk Payment Line

Talktalk has a payment gateway where users can pay their bills from the various options like direct debit, recurring card payments, make a one off payment, and some other ways. 

It is a way through which you can pay your monthly bills or avail any other services online.

Talktalk payment line provides many benefits to the customers and protects their payment gateway from fraud transactions.

It allows users to do the transactions from all the major credit cards, debit cards, virtual cards.

Many users don’t want to keep track of their online services, so they don’t want to pay for the services using manual transactions. That is why Talktalk also offers Direct debit facilities for their customers where the billing amount will be automatically debited from the bank account.

Apart from this, there are many other sources of payment methods which we have discussed in the next section.

Various Talktalk Payment Methods

Various talktalk payment methods refer to the number of ways through which users can pay their monthly bill or buy services online. Having multiple payment options is always a plus point for any business. 

Where customers have multiple options to choose when they buy or pay for the services. As per the report, in 2020 46% of the people in the United Kingdom did not use online payment methods because they weren’t offered their choice of payment methods.

But now talktalk has multiple payment option for their customer such as: 

  1. Direct Debit
  2. Recurring card payments
  3. Make a one-off payment
  4. Other ways to pay

How to Set Talktalk Automated Payment

If you don’t want to check and pay your bills manually every month, you can easily set up automated payment. Through automated payment your monthly bill automatically debit from your preferred payment method.

You need to pay your first one-off payment through debit card, credit card and after that it will automatically save your details. Currently, Talktalk payment lines are accepting visa, master, visa debit and american express.

If you want to change or update direct debit details, you can login into my account. There you will find a one-off payment. Select the desired payment method and click on save.

Talktalk Automated Payment Line Number

For the people who are not technology friendly can pay their monthly bill through the phone line. This is the fastest way to pay your bill after direct debit. 

Here, you need to dial the 08700878749 number from your talktalk home phone and follow the instructions. If you are calling from your talktalk landline then it is free otherwise it will charge you extra.

Prefer to call from your landline and make sure you have all the details handy. Informations you will require to pay your monthly bill over the phone are:

  • Non-expiry debit card or credit card.(International, diners club cards are not acceptable)
  • Your landline number or If you are calling from your landline then it will not ask for your number.
  • Last, your talktalk my account number (You can easily find this on your previous monthly bill or you can call customer care)

Struggling to pay your bill?

If you are still struggling to pay your monthly bill then the safest and easiest way is through bank transfer or cheque. You can visit your bank branch and request the agent to transfer the monthly bill amount. 

Through Bank

He will give you a form, fill it and use bank details as:

  • Name of bank: HSBC
  • Account name: TalkTalk Telecom
  • Account number: 61299565
  • Sort code: 40-02-50

Don’t forget to mention talktalk account number as reference number. It will take nearly 5-7 calendar days to complete the process. 

Using Cheque

For the people who want to pay through cheque can send it to the following address:The Cheque must be made payable to TalkTalk Telecom LTD. 

TalkTalk Group,

PO Box 953,


GU15 9FD

The cheque process will take 14 calendar days to complete the payment. We recommend you to issue your cheque in advance before 14 days so you don’t miss your monthly bill payment. For more you can refer to this article.

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