Talktalk Moving Home Online Process 2022 – Complete Checklist

I know it is very overwhelming to move your house from one place to another but the best advice we can give is to plan your talktalk moving home early. 

With a proper ready plan and complete checklist the process will be more organised, fast and smooth. 

In this tutorial you’ll learn about Talktalk Moving Home Online Process 2022 and what are the checklists you have to follow.

In the end, I will answer some of the most asked questions by the customers about moving home with talktalk. After reading this complete post, you’ll be ready to do it by yourself. Sounds Interesting? Let’s get started.

Talktalk Moving Home

When you are a talktalk customer and now you want to change your house or shift  from one location to another, there you need to follow the talk talk moving home process. 

Later it was very hard to process the request but now talktalk understands the feeling of their customer and that’s why he made all the process online and really easy. 

Now users can take their broadband, phone, Talktalk TV packages with them to a new location for free if you are in a contract period. Additionally, you will be charged £60 if you require an engineer visit.

The online process is the easiest and the fastest way to process your request. It hardly takes a few minutes to transfer your packages to a new location. 

Talktalk Moving Home Online Process

Through an online process you can raise a request from anywhere and anytime. But there are some conditions you have to fulfil, you have to raise a request 14 days prior to moving date.

It is great if you raise before 14 days but no more than 3 months. When you connect to talktalk customer service, ask for all the details and confirm if there are any charges included.

Similarly, you have to provide two mandatory information to the agent i.e; your new home address and your final moving date.

You can also check if there is any package upgrade offer in your new location as moving home always gives a great opportunity to upgrade to a better package.

Talktalk Moving Home Online Process 2022 - Complete Checklist
  • First, Visit Talktalk my account page.
  • Login to your my account dashboard.
  • Search for a moving home option.
  • Select the date when you are moving to your new house.
  • Choose whether you want to move with the same package or you want to upgrade to higher plans.
  • Next, select if you need an engineer to install the services or you can install by yourself. (Additional £60 will be charge if you book an engineer visit)
  • Now choose how you want to pay for your monthly bill (We recommend you to pay upfront through talktalk payment line).
  • Finally, all the process is complete now. Enjoy!

Fees and Charges 

It is very simple, if you already know a little bit about routers, connections, installation then there is no need to book an engineer, you can do it by yourself.  

In case you are not sure about the installation process or you don’t have time to install the service then we suggest you book Talktalk engineer.

Talktalk engineers are highly skilled people and they will fix your service in no time. Infact, if there is any problem in your router while installing then they will fix it by default.

So, you don’t have to think about anything. Importantly, if you plan to book an engineer then there will be a charge of £60 for a visit. You can also call talktalk customer service number and ask for all the information regarding time slot and charges.

Talktalk Moving Home Cancellation Process

Sometimes, we are in the situation where we have to change our decisions so that we have a complete process to cancel talktalk’s moving home request.

The process is quite similar to the way you raise a request. Visit the my account section. Look for ongoing requests and cancel it. This is the easiest method.

 Alternatively, another method to cancel talktalk moving home request is to contact Talktalk customer service agent and share all the information.

Moving House Checklist

On the day of moving, there is a lot of work to do and at that time we forget to do all the necessary things. In such a case, you should make your own checklist, being organised and pre-plan everything helps alleviate all your moving home worries.

First, you should start your planning 6 weeks before and raise a request to your service provider 14 days prior. So, that you have sufficient time to pack everything and organise your accessories in a box.

Check all your wires connected to your router or broadband. Place all the wires in a single box.

Pack your router, Tv and modem in different boxes as per written on manual.

Lastly, your new home address and moving date. If you are planning to book an engineer visit do it earlier.

Customer Service Contact Number

Talktalk has individual customer service numbers for all departments. If you want to contact talktalk moving home department then you have to dial


For any other queries you can comment below or get to us through contact form.

Does TalkTalk charge for moving house?

Yes, Talktalk will charge you £60 for moving your service from your old address to new address. It will include an engineer visit, installation and checking all your equipment. If you already have enough knowledge then you can skip it and install all the services yourself.

Can I cancel my TalkTalk contract if I move house?

Yes, you can cancel your contract if you want to but you have to pay for the termination fees. So, we recommend you to move your service along with you.

Can I get TalkTalk at my new address?

Talktalk is one of the oldest and leading companies in the United Kingdom. Talktalk is available in almost all the areas and if you want to confirm you can simply contact customer service and ask to check your pin code.

Additionally, you can also ask for any ongoing offer in that particular location. As moving home always has the opportunity to upgrade your service.

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