Talktalk Black Friday Deals For Existing And New Customers 2022

We all know Every company offers competitive deals on black friday. This year talktalk black friday deals starts on November 26. 

Usually black friday falls on the fourth friday of the November month. So, the dates change as per year. Last year talktalk black Friday deal was on November 27.

Every year talktalk comes with unbeatable deals for their existing as well as new customers.

Black Friday is the time when all the companies compete with each other to come up with exciting offers for their customers.

Talktalk Black Friday Deals is one of the examples where the most reputed company of UK Talktalk has begun the Black Friday deals for their existing as well as new customers.

The main competition began between the companies as per the price and the quality of the services. Here Talktalk challenges that the price of the product will be the lowest among all and all the users will get double rewards that guarantee that it wins this battle.

If we compare last year black Friday deal with this year’s. Here are some stats. We are mainly comparing the Talktalk fibre packages (Most popular among the users).

Last Year Current Year
Talktalk Fibre 65


Speed: 67Mb
Price: £26/month
Onboarding / Joining Fees: NIL
Contract: 18 months
Additional: £90 Amazon Voucher

Talktalk Fibre 65


Speed: 67Mb
Price: £23/month
Onboarding / Joining Fees: NIL
Contract: 18 months
Additional: Not Yet announced

Talktalk Fibre 35 


Speed: 38Mb
Price: £23.50/month
Onboarding / Joining Fees: NIL
Contract: 18 months
Additional: £75 Amazon Voucher

Talktalk Fibre 35 


Speed: 38Mb
Price: £21/month
Onboarding / Joining Fees: NIL
Contract: 18 months
Additional: Not Yet announced

From the stats you can clearly see that there is a price drop in talktalk fibre packages. Additionally, there is also a price drop in Fibre 150 and Fibre 500 packages. 

Follow this link to check the latest price drop on all Talktalk packages

Currently, there are two offers of Talktalk Fibre packages. The first one is that you don’t have to pay a single penny to start your contract & it will be free for the first 3 months.

You can enjoy unlimited browsing & streaming for free for the first three months and after that, you have to pay only £23.50 for a month for 24 months.

The second offer is that you will get a £60 amazon voucher for these broadband deals during black Friday.

These two discounts along with the more affordable price of the brand make them one of the best broadband offers we’ve seen for some time.

Talktalk Black Friday Deals

If you are planning to join Talk talk for a long time then this is the time where you don’t have to pay any fee for the setup and additionally you will get free 3 months of service.

In which you can check the speed and the services offered by the company is worth or not.

Just like another deal, TalkTalk has started the Talktalk Black Friday deals 2021, in which you will get free first three months of Fibre 35 at only €29.95 a month which is fixed for 24 months.

This means that your contract is for 24 months and you will charge the same price throughout two years.

This is the limited time offer which is going to end soon so don’t just waste your time and grab this deal as fast as you can because it only lasts till midnight of 2nd December.

Before getting into this Black Friday deal you must first check the availability of Fibre in your area because only after that you are able to install the Fibre connection at your premises.

To check the service availability you only have to click the link below and it will redirect to the official page where you will find the check availability button you have to just click on it and just enter your address and it will show whether the Fibre is available in your area or not.

In the Fast Fibre 35, you will get up to 38MB per second download speed which is enough for browsing and streaming on a few devices.

How you will get Talktalk Black Friday Deals

Once you have checked the service availability in your area then you have to just follow below steps and boom you can grab the Talktalk Black Friday Deals.

  • Enter in your browser or click on the text.
  • It will redirect you to the official website where you can see the banner of Talktalk black Friday deals going on.
  • You can read all the information visible on the website & choose a plan according to your need.
  • Next Click on the plan and it will add in your basket.
  • Then you have to enter your postcode & all the other information.
  • After submitting all the details you will receive an update on your mobile number as well as the email address.
  • And finally, you will get the details of the engineers visiting at your premises to install the services.

Find the best broadband Package on Talktalk Black Friday 2021

We have summarized all the offers here, if you want to see the complete details check the official link above. Starting from the very basic package offered by the company.

Fast Broadband

The starting package of talktalk broadband is Fast broadband. In which you will get a average speed of 11Mb/s. this package is widely used by the users who only want to keep a track on their business and shops.

For a minimal use of internet or keep your CCTV running, this is the best plan for you. This plan givers customers access to the unlimited internet up to speed 11Mb/s. If users want to upgrade their service and willing to pay more, they can also upgrade to higher packages.

In Fast Broadband you will get:

Speed: 11Mb/s
Cost: £24.95
Contract: 18 months
Joining Fees Nil
Additional Discount: No official announcement

Talktalk Fibre 35 plan

Talktalk Black Friday
fibre 35 plan

Talktalk is well known for its speed and the fast fibre connection. In Talktalk Fast Fibre 35 Plan you will get 38Mb/s download speed which can easily be managed by Ideal for 3-5 devices.

So that there will be no buffering while you are enjoying your favorite series with your loved one’s.

Speed: 38Mb/s
£21 for 18 months or £29.95 for 24 months
Contract: 18 months
Joining Fees / Setup Nil
Additional Discount: No official announcement

Fibre 65 Plan

Talktalk fibre 65

Users interested for Fibre 65 can get a speed of 67Mb/s. This is an average speed of the broadband means, it may fluctuate depends upon number of devices connected. The minimum duration of contract period is about 18 months. Users has to pay £23 per month for 18 months or £29.95 for 24 months.

After this offer, the contract continues at £29.95 per months for a duration of 12 months. Additionally, the price of the plan will automatically increases by the rate of inflation plus 3.7% from April 2022.

What you will get in Talktalk Fibre 65:

Speed: 67Mb/s
£23 for 18 months or £29.95 for 24 months
Contract: 18 months or 24 months
Joining Fees / Setup Nil
Additional Discount: No official announcement

Fibre 150

Talktalk Black Friday fibre 150

Users want to use more speed can go with Fibre 150 or fibre 500 plans. in this plan you will get an average speed of 145Mb/s. Which is 13X times faster than the normal standard broadband. If we compare it will other fibre plan then it is 3 times more faster than fibre 35 and 2 times more faster than fibre 65.

There is an additional need of open reach engineer for the installation. You have to follow how to book talktalk engineer for the installation process.

Customer support will ask you for the appointment date and good time to visit, when you place and order. This can be change and re arrange up to 48 hours prior to engineer visit.

It only take 1-2 hours for the complete installation process. In this plan you will get:

Speed: 145Mb/s
£28 for 18 months & £39.95 for 24 months
Contract: 18 months or 24 months
Joining Fees / Setup Require Engineer Visit
Additional Discount: No official announcement

Fibre 250

When you are setting your work in your home, you may require Fibre 250. Talktalk Fibre 250 is best for emailing, video call, conferencing, web browsing and uploading or downloading data files. Although minimum speed require for sending data files to your colleague is generally considered to be between 1Mbps to 5Mbps.

But fibre 250 fairly provide a good internet speed of 290Mb/s. It comes with enough data and speed so, users can make or do streaming or best for remote work purposes.

Another good thing about this plan is that it is applicable for both new as well as existing customers.

£40 for 18 months & £44.95 for 24 months
Contract:18 months or 24 months
Joining Fees / SetupRequire Engineer visit
Additional:£9.95 Postage and Packaging.

Additionally, plans also include some of the other offers like:

  • No hassle up to 5 devices at a time.
  • Enjoy Unlimited Usage for a month.
  • No hidden charges.
  • No setup cost will be charged.
  • Talktalk calls safe & Homesafe are included with the plans.
  • New Wi-Fi hub Black included.

If you still have any doubt feel free to comment below or reach out to us through contacting us page.

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Talktalk Black Friday deals dates for Existing users?

In 2021, Black Friday deals are on 26th November. You’ll find great deals from all the service providers in the United Kingdom. But there will be only one best deal among the all. Check out more here Isprovider.

Is Black Friday the best time to join Talktalk?

To be very honest, Black Friday is the start of the best deals among all the providers. You’ll almost get a huge comparison on deals and offers till early new year eve. 
Note: Don’t switch your current service provider only because of costs. However, Check all the cancellation fee and bond breakdown fee before cancelling your contract.

Do we get any other discounts as new users?

Although there is no official announcement made by the company, it’s worth checking their official website or you can subscribe to our website for the latest updates.

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