Sky Moving Home | Do Remember To Do These 7 Things Before Moving House

Sky Moving Home gives you additional features if you are planning to move your home to a new location.

I know to move to a new house and do all arrangements are really very stressful. After that getting comfortable with the new location is also challenging.

Whether you’re moving your house to a new city or just moving to the next floor. It can be a tough time for you and want to add your same broadband service can make it more challenging.

Sky Moving Home

In this post, I have shared some of the key points you should remember while moving home with Sky. Make sure you have read this post completely and noted down all the important points.

Sky Moving Home

If you are planning to shift your home to a new location or if your office is shifted to a new place. Now you’re wondering how you can do sky moving home.

let me tell you it is a very simple process to move your home from one place to another with sky broadband. Moving home with sky provides you with better service as compare to Talktalk moving home.

There is no secret that today’s life broadband or internet services becomes the spotlight on the online market. Many people including students, freelancers, school, office, hospitals, marketer, totally depend on the internet for daily activities.

In other words, to move service along with broadband, you have to raise request two weeks prior. You can contact the customer service through the contact number 07860 015 464 or call us on toll-free number 0333 2008 000.

Before contacting customer service makes sure you have your new address and the installation date when you moving. After that, you have to explain all the things to the agent.

Things to Keep in mind before moving

The first step, is to check the availability of the service at your new location. if there is no availability of the service, one of the engineers will come to your place before the installation date to install the service.

In such a situation, where your current service provider doesn’t provide services in your new location. Then you have only option to cancel your contract and join a new service provider.

The benefit for ADSL customer is that they can move their same service to the new house but if you’re on a fibre connection, you are unable to move the same service.

Request for Sky Broadband & TV Moving Home

Sky Moving Home

Sky Tv is very popular Tv provider in the UK. You will get many features on Sky Tv as compare to other service providers like TalkTalk. To install this, you need a satellite dish and a digital box at your place. To do all this installation, the company provide engineers to your place.

After complete setup, you have to choose a Sky package. Click here to get a list of packages available. The best method to choose a package is through the official website as it saves time and money.

The engineer will visit your home to check the availability of the service and install the service. Now the question arises, what happens to your sky Tv when you move your home.

Sky always cares and provide support for their customers. In such a situation you have to follow some points after that all your service will move to a new place.

  • You have to make a request to customer support 14 days before the move.
  • Call 07860015464 or 03332008000 and make sure you have all the details with you.
  • Share all the information like address and moving date to the agent.
  • You have to pack all your things
    • Digital box
    • Remote control
    • Viewing cards
    • HDMI cables
    • All other cables attached to the device.
  • Don’t forget to carry Sky broadband or Sky wifi-hub if it is connected to your current place.

If your new home doesn’t have a Satellite dish install, then you have to take permission from the owner. After that our engineer will install the dish prior to the moving date. So that you can enjoy the service on the first day.

You can also do the installation by yourself or if you need engineer then you have to pay extra for the installation of Sky Tv.

How much Sky moving Home Cost

Moving home is already an expensive process, but if you are a Sky customer then you don’t have to worry. Sky don’t charge you extra if you are in the contract and want to continue with the same package.

For example, you are having ADSL at your current location and you want to upgrade it to fibre for better speed. Then you have to pay extra for the service. All the information related to upgrade and downgrade are available at

In short, Relocate with the same package is totally free but if there is any need of installation like satellite dish or Sky Tv. It will cost you extra.

How long does it take to move house with sky

How long does it take to move house

The Sky Company need at least minimum of 14 days notice, as per my opinion always book your request 90 days in advance for a hassle free move.

They also provide you with the installation date once your request is approved. Make sure you have noted down your request number for future assistance.

You can also check your application status on the official website under My Account section.

How to check the status of your home move

  • First, open your browser and type Sky Broadband.
Sky Moving Home
  • Click on the First link and visit the official website.
Iphone SE
  • There you will be able to see the My Account section.
  • Click on My Account and Enter your username and password to log in.
Sky Moving Home
  • There you will be able to do the service status check of your home move.

Sky Customer Contact Number

customer care

The information provided here is best of our knowledge, this is not the official website of Sky. You can use the above contact number to communicate with the customer support agent.

Below I have mention some of the other contact number for different department. Use these number to raise a request, query or to report and technical fault with your service.

Sky moving home live chat

Recently the sky has introduced Live chat feature for their customer. Where customers can share their problems and get instant solutions. This is more convenient to get in touch with the agent as compared to Talk talk Live chat

Due to COVID-19 at the time I am writing this post, there are a lot of the request is in process. So it may take a long to connect through live chat or broadband shield.

If you still want to connect through chat option, follow below steps:

  • Visit the official website.
  • There you have to click on Help Option.
  • Now choose your category.
Moving home with sky
  • There you will get an option for Live chat.

Email address:

It is better to use email address for the request. You will get a fast response through email with all the information required.


Postal Address:

Service Office AddressGroup PLC (Head Office)
Visit PO Box 43, Livingston, West Lothian EH54 7DDGrant Way, Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 5QD

Most Asked Questions On Sky Moving Home

  1. How long does it takes to complete moving home sky?

    In order to complete the process, it will take approx. 14 days. You have to raise a request 2 weeks prior to your moving date for a hassle-free move.

  2. What are sky deals when moving home?

    Not only during the home move, as the sky provides deals all the time for their existing users. Recently the sky provides deals on mobile phones and broadband package. Where you also get an option of pre-booked.

  3. How to cancel sky broadband moving home?

    The cancellation process was very simple you have to call on customer care number or Sky moving home live chat. There you have to share your request number and asked to cancel the process. After that they will cancel your process and provide you a confirmation notification on your device.

  4. Sky Tv & Broadband moving home charges

    There is no extra charge if you are moving in your local area with the same broadband package. means, you only have to pay an extra amount while you are upgrading your services or adding additional features to your package.

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