How to setup Tesco mobile voicemail number | Complete Guide 2021

Tesco mobile provides a voicemail number of facilities for its customers. A few years back, voicemail was very hard to understand, but now the Tesco mobile voicemail number is standard in The United Kingdom.

Tesco mobile is a very known name in the mobile network operator‘s term in the united kingdom. The company was started in the year of May 2003.

Since 2003, the company has been working on its goal and increasing its user engagement by huge. In 2014 Tesco decided to launch its first 4G service for their customer.

Although the Tesco mobile network is not the first company to start 4g services in the United Kingdom, the performance and the speed of Internet connectivity are appreciated. In the UK, Tesco uses the O2 network to provide service to its customers.

What is the need for Tesco mobile voicemail number

All small and large businesses use mobile voicemail number of facilities to increase customer engagement. The popularity of voicemail among the telecommunication service increases day by day.

All the major mobile service providers in the United Kingdom opted for voicemail services. The company focuses more on providing good quality services to customers like premium voicemail services.

Business voicemail numbers are generally annoying because of its robotic pre-recorded voice, and sometimes customers disconnect the call in frustration.

If you’re planning To launch a voicemail service for the customer, you must follow some basic rules not to feel annoyed.

Below I have shared some tips that will help you grow voicemail services for your customer, and it will be useful for you as well.

  • Your voicemail voice note should be a woman recorded. With the voice of a woman or especially, we can say the female voice. It gives a customer that someone is interacting with them and sounds real. 
  • Your voicemail should be more user friendly; the customer doesn’t like to interact with many options to reach the solution. And if they feel any difficulties in proceeding with the steps, they will immediately hang up the call.
  • Most of the companies try to send the customers to the help and support section on the website. Always try to give the response, solution to the customer on the telephone.
  • When you try to send a customer to the website, they will get irritated and sometimes they do not feel troubled while visiting your company’s website.
  • Make sure you always share the correct time frame on the Tesco voicemail number.

How to access voicemail on Tesco mobile

How to access voicemail on Tesco mobile

For all the new customers,

The most straightforward way to access the voicemail on Tesco mobile is by dialling your mailbox number.

Once you have already set on your phone, you can only dial the number from your phone.

Or you can also set up a quick dial to access your voicemail fastly.

  • Open the dialer app on your phone.
  • Press and hold number 1
  • It will connect to your voicemail number automatically.

Another method to assess your voicemail is by dialling 905 from your registered mobile number.

All calls on this number are free for monthly pay customers.

Additionally, it will cost you 15 p/minute if it is not included in your monthly plan or for pay as you go, customers.

Tesco mobile voicemail settings

Tesco mobile voicemail settings

Suppose you are doing tesco voicemail setup for the first time. Then you have to call on 171 number.

Next, you have to follow some steps:

  • It will ask you to generate a PIN Number for your voicemail.
  • In the next step, you have to create a Personalised voicemail greeting.
  • At last, activate the call divert on your mobile number.

Create Voicemail PIN Number

When you dial your voicemail number for the first time, it will ask you to create a PIN. The voicemail box always asks you for this PIN code to access your messages.

Make sure you choose a comfortable and memorable PIN. You also have an option to change or reset it, in case you forget.

You have to dial 173 from your registered mobile number to change your current PIN code.

In case you forget your Tesco voicemail pin code, you have to dial 1749 and press 1 to reset your previous number.

How to Create Personalised Voicemail Greeting

Personalised Greetings create a positive and unique impact on the customers. It sounds more connected when you create greetings in a human voice.

There are already many pre-recorded greetings available in the store. You can choose from it if you are using it for the first time.

Alternatively, if you wish to record greetings in your voice then:

  • You have to dial 172 number.
  • Next, you have to select number 3 and again, number 3 to set up your voice greeting.
  • There are some by default functions you have to use like number 1 for recording a new greeting.
  • Press 2 to listen to your new created greeting.
  • Press 3 to save it.

How to turn off voicemail service

There are plenty of reasons for someone to turn off Tesco mobile voicemail. Sometimes people don’t get the exact solution for the problem, taking a long time to get the solution or feeling frustrated while listening to a pre-recorded voice.

Due to these issues, many customers turn off voicemail from the mobile.

The method for switch off voicemail depends on which mobile you are using. below I have shared some general method to turn off voicemail services from your mobile:

  • Firstly, you have to open your phone setting.
  • Look for a phone option.
  • Search for voicemail setting and Click on deactivate or turn off button. 


The simplest way to turn off Tesco voicemail Number

  • Open dialer in your mobile and dial 2915 to switch it off.
  • All calls to these types of numbers are free of cost.

Note: Remember, you can also enable your voicemail service from the same method if you wish to continue the future voicemail service.

Tesco mobile voicemail notification

Tesco mobile voicemail notification

There is an option to configure Tesco mobile voicemail notification as per their need. There are two ways to get a voicemail notification, i.e., Through message or by the call.

To set up voicemail notification, you have to redial 171 number. Press 6 then choose notification by message or by a call. There is also an option to choose both, i.e., by the message as well as call.

If you are tired from getting notifications all day, then you can turn off notifications. Follow the same method and when it asks to choose an option, press 6 to turn off notification.

How to Delete Tesco voicemail message

How to Delete Tesco voicemail message

The voicemail storage is always more challenging for the business owner. You can’t store voicemail just like your regular text.

You have to listen to the voice notes, save it or delete it. These are the operations you can use on your voice mailbox.

To Delete a voicemail message, you have to follow the below step:

  • Dial 171 from your registered mobile number.
  • Number 1 to listen to a new voice message.
  • Press 2 number to save this message.
  • Press 3 to delete a message.

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