Best Way To Register a Talktalk Complaint in 2022

As a TalkTalk customer, you have multiple rights to raise a complaint regarding the company. You can submit a complaint about the product, services not performed as share during boarding.

A complaint plays a very important role for a company to improve or enhance their services for the customers.

Many companies focus on solving their problems as quickly as possible within 24 hours.

This post will show you how you can raise a TalkTalk complaint on their official website or through live chat support.

talktalk complaint

Talktalk Complaint

The question that arises here is why customers complain and what leads customers to raise a complaint regarding the company.

A complaint is a form of dissatisfaction that customers express to the company. 

If you talk about TalkTalk, the company takes every single complaint very seriously and always tries to resolve it as soon as possible. 

The company doesn’t want to keep their customers unhappy for a long time, so they always prefer a quick and effective approach.

The complaint is to showcase the company’s fault or highlight the problem a company has within the organization. Still, most people also complain to give a chance or opportunity to the company to improve their services and provide the right products and services to the people.

Rights To Raise a Complaint:

  1. You can raise a complaint about misguided products, services, charges and many more forms.
  2. You can also take your complaint to the higher authority if you’re not satisfied with the resolution.
  3. You can also claim a refund where you have been harmed.
  4. Take your complaint to the judicial consumer services. 

In the next section, I am going to show you what are the procedures for TalkTalk complaints.

There are different ways through which you can raise a TalkTalk complaint.

Talktalk Complaint Procedure

Talktalk Complaint Procedure

The nature of your complaint will differ while you are making a complaint depending upon your current situation.

Whether you are in a contract with the TalkTalk company or your contract time is over.

We will discuss both the scenario in details below.

Talktalk Customers

If you are still in contact with TalkTalk do you want to raise a complaint, then it is quite easy.

You can call the TalkTalk customer service number and ask to speak to the department-specific agent as per your case details.

Ensure you have shared all the things related to your complaint and make sure the agent understands your query very well that you are making a formal complaint regarding your services or products.

If an agent fails to raise a complaint, then you have a right to take your complaint to the next level and write an official formal letter to the CISAS or TalkTalk the CEO.

Non-Talktalk Customers

If you are not satisfied with the TalkTalk customer support or through the TalkTalk live chat, then you can write a letter in the name of the

TalkTalk bracket (TDR)
PO Box 675

Here you have to mention three mandatory things in the letter so that the department will solve your query quickly.

  • Full name as written on the monthly bill statement
  • Register phone number
  • You’re signature.

At last, you have to provide one of the following security detail:

  1. The third and the sixth character of your password just like the agent asked when you call customer service.
  2. You can also provide the last four digits of your bank account number or the payment method you paid the previous bill.
  3. Apart from this, you can also answer your security question that you have set up during the registration process.

Once your letter is received at the desired address, one of the talk talk specialist agents will contact you and confirm the details shared in the letter with you.

Talktalk Complaint Email Address

Talktalk Complaint Email Address

If Talktalk was unable to resolve your complaint in the given timeframe, then you have an option to contact CISAS (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution). Casas is an independent dispute resolution provider which resolves your problem without any company interference and provides genuine feedback to the users.

There is one limitation before contacting that is your application should be greater than eight weeks. CISAS only handles cases of dispute when the issue is already with the company for almost eight weeks. 

Contact details:

Phone: 020 7520 3827
Textphone: 020 7520 3767


CISAS, Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution,
70 Fleet Street,

Talktalk Complaint Number

Talktalk Complaint Number

If you like to contact TalkTalk customer service through call, the TalkTalk agent is available from Monday till Saturday from 9 to 7 pm.

There is two complaint number available for the users:

  1. To raise a TalkTalk complaint about TV, phone, broadband, fibre, UFO dial 03451720088. Calling this number is free from any of the TalkTalk landline services.
  2. For the people who want to raise a complaint about mobile services, you have to dial 03451720044, which is again a toll-free number for all the TalkTalk mobile users.

There may be a call charge for the people calling from other service providers number, and even it costs you more to go through with the Automatic answering machine.

Talktalk also has a complaint service for dead or speech-impaired customers. You can contact the customer service on the Next Generation Text Relay machine. Just dial 18001 before the 03451720088 number, and it will directly connect your call to the Next Generation Text Relay machine.

To get a copy of the complaint registered number or complaint number on your email, paper, cd. You can request by dialing the 03451720088 number from a TalkTalk landline.

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