What is Plusnet Safeguard – How to Bypass or Turn Off Plusnet Safeguard 2021

Plusnet Safeguard is software that controls your Internet and Filters your inappropriate web content. It is included with the Plusnet Broadband packages seems like Perks. In this post, I am going to show you what is Plusnet safeguard and how you can enable or disable it.

What is Plusnet Safeguard?

An online control tool for parents to keep an eye on their children’s activities on the internet. If you are a little tense about your children like what they are watching, and where they spend more time and many more.

In such a case safeguard helps you to prevent access to the internet media and block inappropriate content. Inappropriate content includes sites like dating, gambling, violence, adult sites, and some social media platform also.

It’s really important to keep your children’s safe from cyber threats. As a result, all of the broadband service providers offer safeguard within your package.

Apart from keeping an eye on your kids, Plusnet safeguard also helps your system from virus, anti-spyware, malware etc. It is totally free with unlimited broadband packages. There is an additional charge of £2 per month if you have unlimited fibre package.

This tool is created by Mcafee which is an American based software company in California. It has the capability to install on a maximum of 8 devices like computers, tablets or mobile phones.

How To Setup Plusnet Safeguard

Only the Account holder has the permission to setup Plusnet Safeguard in every device connected with your wifi connection. When you first purchase a package deal you’ll be guided to setup a parental controls in your account.

Some of the service providers offer to do the setup through their official website. Which is quite simple you have to just select the things you want to keep in your watchlist and remove all the content that you don’t want to see. Follow below step by step guide:

All you need a Plusnet account in a working state and any of the unlimited broadband subscription.

  • First of all, Type Plusnet Safeguard in your browser.
How To Setup Plusnet Safeguard
How To Setup Plusnet Safeguard
  • You have to Use same Login credentials which you have created when you have joined Plusnet.
Plusnet Member centre
  • Select Plusnet SafeGuard option from the Left sidebar option.
Plusnet SafeGuard
  • A new webpage will appear where you can see many options like:
    • On/Off Button.
    • Timer
    • Block Categories
    • Block Websites
    • Allow Websites
    • Change History
  • In the Timer Tab, you can select the time when you want to activate the tool & it will only work in that interval of time.
Plusnet Timer Tab
  • Block Categories Tab offers you multiple options to block Like:
    • Chat & Instant Messaging
    • Dating
    • Hacking and many more.
Plusnet Block Categories
  • If you want to block particular websites from your network, you can do that in Block Website Tab.
Block Website
  • Allow website tab gives you permission to only allow a specific list of sites.
Allow website
  • Similarly, you can switch On or Off, according to your need.

Once your Setup is complete you have to restart your router by long-pressing your power button. After that, the tool will be activated on your network.

Enable and Disable Plusnet Control Panel

  • Firstly, head over to Plusnet safeguard Website and you need to sign in with your username & password.
  • On website hover over my account and select broadband phone and TV option.
  • Logged in on the main page simply use the side menu.
  • There you can see the enable or disable button.
  • When you switch to On it disables the access of the particular website according to your categories.
  • When you slide it to Off it enables the access to all the websites on your network.

Features of Plusnet Control Panel

  • Only have to Switch it on and stay in control
  • Block all malware, virus websites.
  • It Only allow to access safe website.
  • Block categories like Gambling, adult,

How To Bypass Plusnet Safeguard

A Tech Lover Children or a Tech lover Friend knows that there are some of the ways to bypass Plusnet Safeguard filters.

Using proxy sites helps to divert the network connection and helps it to hide from the home network. Due to that, it allows accessing the website even at home. If you tried to use a proxy website then you must be ready to welcome malware, virus to your network.

As a result, it will damage your Pc, Laptop or system or it may hijack your web browser.

Another way to bypass the connection is by surfing the internet using VPN. It encrypts the address of the website as a result, create confusion for the network to put into which category thus, allow accessing the website. When VPN encrypts the web address of the website, then provider won’t understand what type of pages are being accessed.

There are multiple Free VPN available for IOS and Android Platform and the important thing is that it don’t required how to setup knowledge.

Plusnet Safeguard Review

Having a protecting tool on your network can give you a wave of peace even when you are not at home. As it is not possible to supervise your children activity all the time. But still, there are many parents who ask questions like:

  • How strong is this tool?
  • Does anyone bypass it?
  • Can a kid turn off the tool without login?

The answers to the above questions are depends on the few things which have to consider:

If we talk about accuracy, it will block every website within your choose categories. While that doesn’t mean it will block all single website that comes in the list of category.

Sometimes, it won’t work perfectly or allow a single website by mistake. You will get the 100% surety only when you have tested all the single website on your own.

Similarly the control panel will affect on all the device connected to the network. If you have set the control to the strict, then you’ll end up blocking sites for yourself too.

You have to keep in mind that the safeguard will only work on your broadband network. when your kid visit their friends home and take their tablet or mobile with them, Then there is no content protection at a place.

It won’t work even the device is connected to the mobile network.

Some of the service providers provide restrict to the social media platform also, so if you have blocked social media. Then you won’t be able to use the services like Snapchat, Reddit or Twitter for yourself.


How much time Plusnet Safeguard takes to start working?

It totally depends on your network connectivity. It will start reflecting the results once you restart your router. Sometimes, it may take a long for your setting to start showing results. furthermore, you can change your settings at any time if you need to.

Can I turn it Off without login to my account?

No, You can’t change the settings of safeguard without¬†sign in to my account. Only the account holder has permission to do the change. If you are an account holder then you can change the settings under my account option.

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