What is MyBarclaycard and How to Register and log in into Account?

Barclay offered a new way of check online account management system for all the customers of Barclaycard, i.e., Mybarclaycard.

My Barclaycard is an official App which is designed in such a way that it will keep all the information in your pocket.

Barclaycard was the first credit card of the country which was started in 1972. Although there is impressive and storied history in Barclaycard, how adaptable is it for the future?


We looked at the smartphone device, which is the addition to the Barclaycard brings growth in the mobile banking app market.

The well known mobile banking app is available for both android and ios users from the store for free.

If you are a current user of Barclaycard and want to make purchases while you don’t have your system or are away from your home, this Application software is certainly worth a glance.

Some of the Best Features:-

My Barclaycard app created a boom in the mobile banking app sector and known as the king of all the banking app.

Compared to another banking app like WhatsappFacebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, Snapchat, Line, KIK, IMO, Viber, and Kakaotalk.


This application offers extraordinary features to the users, but to use it, you have to link your account with the app. We will discuss that afterwards how to connect your account to the app.

This app provides a range of helpful functions that are very simple to use and operate. The features that I liked the most are these:

  • You can view your account balance.
  • Check your monthly statements.
  • Change your current PIN.
  • You can pay for your upcoming bills.
  • Keep an eye on your transactions, payments.
  • Transfer money from one account to different.
  • Set Limits for your cards activate and deactivate your card status.
  • Change your Address details.
  • Apply for a new card, charge card, upgrade your card.
  • Contact Customer service

How to download the App in your device?

Many of you already know how to download Mybarclaycard app in your device. If you don’t know read this post thoroughly. You will get two ways to download the app in your device, the first one is for android device, and another is for iOS device.

How to download app in your Android Device?

Before proceeding, Make sure you must have a charge in your Android device and a stable Internet Connection.

  • You have to open the play store in your device.
  • Look for search icon on the right side of the screen.
  • Enter Barclaycard and click on Search.
  • NOw you have to choose the official app see below.
  • Read all the details carefully and click on install.
  • Finally, the app is downloaded in your device.

How to Download app in your iOS Device?

Did you know iOS is well known for its security? So, you don’t have to worry at all before downloading this official app. All you need it working Internet along with an average charge in your device. And you remember your App Id as your App Id is used to confirm the App store.

  • Find the App Store in your iOS.
  • Now open your store and click on Apps.
  • You have to search for My Barclaycard app.
  • After that, Click on Install.
  • Now you have to confirm your device.

How to Register for mybarclaycard online account?

Opening an Online account can be a challenging task for the people who are not mobile-friendly. Here is a step-by-step guide that will change their experience for all non-mobile friendly users.

The registration process is straightforward for an online account. You only need your Barclaycard and your credit card limit statements. This two things will help you to open your My account.


Once you have all the things handy, now you have to choose your platform whether you are an iOS user or Android user as there is not that much difference between the two.

How to register on an Android Device:

Once you have downloaded the app in your android device from the play store, you have to open the app and follow the below steps:

You have to click on “I already have an account” option. See below screenshot for more clarification.

How to register on an Android Device

Once you have clicked on the above option, you will see “create a passcode” screen. Now you have to create your passcode from the numbers 0-9. You have to enter it again on confirming passcode screen.

The passcode must be of 5 digits, and it should be memorable as you need it. Whenever you open your app, you have to enter your passcode.

How to register on an Android Device

Ensure you have read all the terms and conditions in detail and agree with the words click on Accept.

How to register on an Android Device

In your next screen, you will need your “Activation code” if you have your activation code click on Yes and enter your code.

If you Don’t have activation code click on No, continue without.

How to register on an Android Device

Next, select current account option and click on continue.

How to register on an Android Device

Now you will require three things like:

  • Contact Number or Mobile Number
  • Debit card
  • Your Debit card Pin

If you have all the three things click on, continue button and click No on next screen

How to register on an Android Device

Choose from option whether you want to register through scanning your card or by entering details manually. It is all up to you and after that, click on. Let’s go next.

How to register on an Android Device

In the next screen, you have to enter your Mobile number, and after that, you will receive a passcode. Enter the passcode, and your mobile number is now confirmed.

How to register on an Android Device

This is how you register on an android device. You will have to follow the same procedure if you are writing from your old appliance to the new device. You will get relief from some of the steps, but you must still follow each step. If you are facing any problem comment below, we are happy to help you.

How to register on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad?

Ios is more secure if we are talking about mobile banking apps. If you are an iOS user, you have more benefits and safety features, then android users.

The registration process is almost the same for Android and iOs Device. So follow each step above one by one and if you are facing any problem comment below.

Follow some steps for successful mybarclaycard login

So you have already done registration, and now you are looking for how to login into My Barclaycard account. Online Login has various benefits as you can access your account at any time and you can transfer money to anyone. You don’t have to wait for the next working days to transfer money.


You will get six globally login option if you are a customer of Barclaycard. Barclaycard is well known for serving across the globe. From paying your bills to changing your pin, you can handle all these things from your place.

Before login, you must have your Username or Registered Id Number. Enter your username in the box and click Next.


Now you have to enter your Passcode or Password, which you have created during the registration process.

You can also use your figure print option to Login into My account.

Now you can use numbers of services from your account. Bonnie finance!

Some Important FAQ’s on Mybarclaycard:

Can I view my Barclaycard account in the Barclays app or online? 

Yes, You can view all the details of your account in your app. The only thing you have to do is Log in to My Account and click on View, for more Click here.

What are the online services offered by Barclaycard?

There are multiple services provided by my Barclaycard. Some of the online services are:
You can view your account balance.
Check your monthly statements.
Change your current PIN.

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