How to fix Now tv activation code not working 2022 –

Before you find the activation code for your now tv, it’s really important to find the reason why your now tv activation code is not working. 

This  problem is happening more than usual. There are hundreds of reasons available on the internet but does it really work?

Don’t worry, In this post we are going to help you to fix now tv activation code that is not working.

Six digit now tv activation code not working

Many of the users reported, when they visit  using their smartphone, pc, mobile and try to enter a six digit activation code, it won’t accept the tv code at the moment.

In such a scenario you have to try using a different web browser (we highly recommend you to use MS Edge internet browser) or it will be helpful if you use another device with good internet connectivity.

After that make sure your auto correction is turned off otherwise it will automatically change the word when you enter in your web address. 

If you are a United Kingdom users you have to enter the web address as and for the Republic of Ireland users you have to enter the web address as as shown on your Television screen.

Type the web address correctly without any space and special symbols and press enter.

It will redirect you to the web page where you have to enter the activation code visible on your Tv screen.

Hope this will work for you, if not comment below what error you are facing on your screen.

Now Tv Activation code not working after reset

if you have done a factory reset on your TV box and now wondering why your activation code is not working.

Once you have reset your TV box now you have to follow the complete procedure from the beginning to activate the now TV.

It will be helpful if you use your mobile internet plan and try to assess the URL visible on your TV screen using a different browser.

Also make sure you have not enabled any VPN functionality in your device and disable your ad blocker before going to, where you have to enter the activation code.

Type the Character correctly

It is quite similar and easy to miss type the letters and the symbols visible on your television screens. Make sure you have entered the correct code that appears exactly the same on your screen.

And look out for the easily confused characters like:

0 and O

9 and g

1 and l 

Activation code is not appearing

Usually codes are visible on the screen, when you attempt to connect your tv with the box. 

If the activation code is not appearing then there must be some error from your side. Check your connection and restart your television and try again.

Also you can login into my account section and there you will find now tv activation code for your tv.

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