Check Netplus Broadband Installation Charges and Complete Process in 2022

First, you have to check the network coverage in your area before proceeding with the Netplus broadband installation process. Then ask your neighbour about the internet’s service and speed and look for the user reviews.

Recently, Netplus has come up with amazing offers for their customers for their netplus broadband installation process. 

The company has decided to waive the Netplus installation charges for the users who apply for the 3,6,9 months of the plan. 

This offer is only for limited customers, and only the first few hundred customers will be eligible to grab this offer. Let us discuss how you can get this amazing offer.

This post has shared complete information about the installation process, cost, and time.

Netplus Broadband Installation Process

Are you looking to install NETPLUS BROADBAND in your area? Then you have made a great decision as a net plus offers a fibre connection that offers a stable and high Internet speed for its use.

It is impossible to cover all the physical experience of the installation process you will get when the service is installed in your area. However, we will guide you on all the necessary things to remember during the installation process.

The net plus installation process is divided into five basic steps:

  1. Choose the desired broadband plan
  2. Get a confirmation from the operator
  3. Appoint an engineer to visit
  4. Installing the connection
  5. Getting started with the network

Choose the desired broadband plan.

The very first step is to choose the best suitable broadband plan. Currently, net plus has two inbuilt broadband plans: truly unlimited data plans and truly unlimited data plus entertainment plans. 

It is up to you whether you want only data plans or if you want to connect your broadband with the smart TV, then you should require an entertainment plan.

The same basic plan starts from 40 Mbps with the validity of one month in 499₹ only. The average plan will cost you around 599 rupees with a truly unlimited data speed of 70 MBPS, and a hundred MB per second data plan will cost you around 699 with one-month validity. 

Get a confirmation from the operator.

Once you have decided to plan, the next step is to get confirmation from the operator. Now the engineering team will do the inspections from their end and check whether the particular plans will be available in your area or not.

Once done, you will get an authorisation from the service provider for the installation process.

Appoint an engineer to visit

In this step, the customer service will appoint an engineer to visit your location in the area and available points nearby. In this step, you have to not worry about anything as the operator will take all the fibre cable installation process forward.

For underground installation facilities available on your premises, the authorised person will ask for your permission whether you want to install through the aerial setup or underground setup.

Installing the connection

The Next step is to wait for the fibre installation on your premises. The technician will require your physical presence to process this step. The agent will process the wire installation and ask you from where you want to connect the cable.

Getting started with the network

This is the last step in the installation process, and the technician will automatically set up the connection. The desired person will now set up the router/modem in the centre location of your home. 

After this, he will test the connection and ask you to set up your broadband connection password.

Hurray! The net plus broadband installation process is now complete in your home. However, you can ask the technician to share a contact number with you for any additional information. So, if you have any problems in the future, you can easily contact them. 

Netplus Broadband Installation Charges

When the technician visits your place, he will offer you two schemes; whether you want to buy a modem or rent a modem.

Let’s discuss this in detail.

When you buy a modem, you can use any of the dual-band modems, and the price will be excluded in the installation process. Normally, the modem will cost you a thousand to Rs.2000 for a dual-band connection.

 If you already have a modem, the installation fee is only a thousand rupees.

It will cover all the wires and necessary equipment in the charges, and you will not be required to arrange any of them. 

The cost of installation charges will defer from location to location. In my location, the installation charges plus the modem will cost you Rs.3400, a complete broadband plan.

If you decide to rent a modem, the cost will be the same, but you have to give a security amount to the operator, which will be around Rs.2000. 

So, if you decide to cancel the Netplus contract, you will get a refund of your security and have to return the modem to the company. 

How to Apply for Netplus Broadband Connection?

You can ask nearby homes having net plus connection and ask to share the contact details of your local technicians.

Another way is to request through the official website.

  • Open your browser and search for Netplus Broadband.
  • Click on the official website.
  • Go to to the broadband section and click on Book now button.
  • Then, It will ask you to enter some important information. 
  • At last, click on submit.

Your enquiry for netplus broadband installation is submitted, and you will get a call within 24 working hours. 

Documents Required for Installation?

You only need to submit 1 document for your identification verification and another for address proof.

In identity verification, you can share your:

  • Aadhaar card
  • Pan card
  • Dob certificate 
  • Electricity bill (in your name)
  • Water bill
  • Passport

And for address verification:

  • Aadhaar card
  • electricity bill
  • water bill
  • or any other official government-approved documents having your address.

How Much Time It Will Take to Activate

Once your request is submitted, it will only take 24 hours to set up a broadband connection in your home. 

Sometimes, it will take only 1 hour to max 24 hours, depending upon your location.

Can I Schedule My Installation Appointment?

Yes, netplus allow their customers to re-schedule their installation process easily. 

Is There Any Ongoing Discount Available?

Currently, two ongoing offers are available for new customers 3+1 plan in which you will get one month free if you recharge your netplus broadband for three months.

Similarly, Another plan is 10+2, where you will get two months of free recharge if you recharge your broadband for ten months. 

You can contact netplus customer care executive number for more ongoing offers. 

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