How to Know Your Customer Id of Netplus Broadband in 2022? [easy Method]

The easiest way to know your customer ID of netplus broadband is using your broadband monthly bill, SMS, email, customer care number and visit nearest net plus store.

Don’t worry, in this post we will help you to find your netplus customer ID using your mobile number. 

net plus is a subsidiary company of fastway transmission Private Limited and one of the fastest growing broadband services in north India.

If you are planning to join netplus then it is a best option and has amazing broadband plans for their customers.

And if you’re already a customer of netplus then you must have your customer ID and if you forget or don’t remember when we are here to help you find your net plus customer ID.

There are basically five ways through which you can find your netplus customer ID using your monthly bill, contacting customer care number, sending SMS or email and visiting the nearest net plus office.

Broadband monthly bill

If you are an active customer then you must get your bill every month through email or via post. To check your net plus customer ID open the invoice and look for the account number. There is also much other information available in your monthly bill like invoice number, bill date, bill amount, month, address, name and your contact number.

Many of the case, the customer ID is the same as your account number. The only difference is the last digit of your Customer ID is less than number one. Example if your account number is 0002518371 then your customer ID is 0002518370.


SMS is the easiest way to know your customer ID of NET+ BROADBAND. Many of the time net plus sense sends SMS of your due date and data usage. You can look for the SMSes and can easily find your customer ID number.


Just like SMS, email is also the same method through which you can get your customer ID. Check all the emails sent by a net plus there you will definitely be able to find your account number as well as your net plus customer ID. If not then you can simply raise a query and send an email to

Customer care Number

If the above method is not working for you then you can simply dial the 7087570875 number from your registered mobile number. It is the customer care number of netplus broadband where you can ask for your customer ID

For more information you can refer to another post where you will get information regarding how to connect through NET+ BROADBAND customer care number toll-free.

Nearest netplus store

If nothing works for you then the only place where you will find your customer id is netplus office. Visit to the local office of Netplus  internet service provider. They will assist you and give you the entire account information as well as your Netplus customer id.

Contact your Dealer

The last option is the person who installs the connection at your premises will definitely have your netplus customer ID. You can call or send WhatsApp and ask for  your account information. He will then share a link where all the information is available.

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