John Lewis Broadband – Points to consider before you choose

John Lewis a Very known name in Uk in terms of buy lamps. The Company is previously known as Greenbee and Waitrose, which offers great deals in the broadbands. Now, Company started its own service in the Internet sector which is known as John Lewis Broadband.

Previously, the company is only dealing with department stores. But they also start offer cable, internet, broadband-which is using to provide by Waitrose and the Greenbee. John Lewis broadband is operate by the company Plusnet which is one of the UK’s most successful broadband providers.

What are the services offer by John Lewis

You can choose best services for yourself from the various services offered by the company. Have a look on broadband and call plans options to choose from

Types of Broadband:

Basically, there are three broadband packages offered by the company just like other service providers that choose BT Network to transmit their services in Uk.

The Three packages consist of one ADSL and two fibre plans, whereas you will get a speed of 10 Mbps in ADSL and 36Mbps – 66Mbps for Fibre plans. The three come with terms lasting for 12 months.

Unlimited Plan– You will get an average speed of 10Mbps with this plan which is applicable for 12 months.

Fibre Plan– You will get a higher speed as compared to that of unlimited. The speed you will get is 36Mb and the duration of the contract is 12 months.

Fibre Extra Plan – This is the fastest plan among all the three plans. you will get an average speed of 66Mb for a duration of 12 months.

Types of Broadband:

Types of call plans:

Now you have decided which plan you want to choose, Have a look on the call plan to add in your package.

Evening and Weekend:- In this plan, you will get unlimited of the call to all the UK landlines during Evening and weekends only. Here standard line rental will be included in this package.

Anytime:- No restrictions at all, you can call to any Uk landlines anytime with this package.

Anytime and International:- This is similar to the anytime plan, the only difference is you will get 300 monthly minutes with this package which you can use to call internationally among 35 destinations.

Mobile:- This plan can be added to anytime or anytime international which gives unlimited calls to mobile numbers also.

Types of call plans:

Why choose John Lewis broadband

John Lewis affords easy variations for the three broadband packages and makes very clear with the options that keep it stand different from the queue.

Why choose John Lewis broadband
  • Free e-gift card – The Company repeatedly offers free e-gift cards with broadband plans. These gift cards can only be used online or in the John Lewis, Waitrose shops.
  • Night and weekend calls included – All Broadband packages include a night and weekend calls plan included. It’s considered one of only a few suppliers providing any sort of inclusive calls bundle as normal.
  • No activation costs – There aren’t any upfront costs related to broadband plans until you want a brand new telephone line put in wherein case you’ll have to pay for an engineer to take action. Line rental is included and there aren’t any hidden costs to cowl supply of the router or something.
  • Limitless utilization – As with the overwhelming majority of suppliers these days, there aren’t any utilization limits on John Lewis’s broadband plans.
  • UK-based buyer assists – Broadband’s buyer assist is predicated within the UK and out there on the telephone between 9 am and 6 pm, seven days every week. You may also handle your account through your personal online portal.
  • Similar worth wherever you reside – It won’t sound like a lot to say that the costs are the identical regardless of the place within the UK you reside, however that’s not the case with Plusnet, the corporate that gives John Lewis’s broadband service.

Have a look on some of the advantages or pro’s:

  • Easy Simple packages that will not create any confusion to choose from many choices.
  • Price of Line rental is worth, and cheaper than most different service providers.
  • Provide same rates in all places within the UK – no price difference for rural areas.
  • Available almost every part of Uk.
  • Provide Super-fibre optic broadband.
  • No bars on Download even with the ADSL plans.
  • Included Night and weekend calls with the package.
  • Excellent customer service facilities available 24*7.

Have a look on some of the Disadvantages or con’s:

  • You can’t change or modify plans according to your needs.
  • Not Fast as Virgin Media which provides super-fast speed.
  • Single accessible as a broadband and call can’t possible, you have to purchase both.
  • Lacking numerous inclusives that different suppliers supply, such as Wi-Fi hotspot and cloud storage.

Some of the Special offers and Add-ons

Just like other services providers, John lewis also provides promotional offers and discounts to its users. These special offers are very useful to attract new users.

The company offers the special offers and the add-on as an e-gift card which can only be retrieved online or by visiting the store. Below you can check the updated special offers and Add-on that are valid for a limited time period.

Some of the Special offers and Add-ons

Comparison of John Lewis broadband Vs Plusnet VS Talktalk VS Post Office

Here I have provided a short comparison between the service provided by John Lewis, Plusnet, Talktalk and Post office.

It is not the cheapest but they offer a simple and real structure with no hidden cost. Below you can see how the unlimited competes with the other service providers in terms of pricing.

You can see that the post office broadband and Plusnet offers you same speed at a low cost. However, the price for 12 months of the contract include call packages.

You may have seen other service providers who charge extra for the TV packages and the call plans but here you will get combo starting with the standard plans.

Note that the contract renewal charges for John Lewis are much cheap, meaning that users can renew their contract with only £28.20 with some of the extra discount at that time.

John Lewis broadband Vs Plusnet VS Talktalk VS Post Office

In terms of Fibre broadband, the prices are little bit high. However, note again that evening and weekend home phone calls are provided with bundles from John Lewis, while with most other suppliers they’re an bonus.

It is important to test other providers add-ons along with the additional call rates that are not included in the John Lewis bundle.

John Lewis broadband Vs Plusnet VS Talktalk VS Post Office

The renewal plan for the fibre £ 40 a month for 36Mb broadband is not affordable as compare to that with other deals in the table below, where the typical contract price increase for 66-67Mb to about £ 40 a month.

John Lewis broadband Vs Plusnet VS Talktalk VS Post Office

John Lewis broadband Signup

For all the new customers, John Lewis offers £40.00 as a free e-gift card only when you have opted for unlimited plans along with line rental.

  • In order to do signup you have to visit the official website. Click below button to go directly
  • After that you have to click on Contact us on the top-right side of the screen.
  • There you will get many ways to get in touch with the company

By Call:- If you want to get in touch through calling the dial
0800 022 3300 (9 am – 6 pm, 7 days a week)

By Email:- They also have an option to contact through Email. If you are looking to get in touch through email then you have to visit the official website there you will be able to get details in contact us section.

Log in to My Account:- According to me this is the best method to contact the company but for this option you have must have a valid account with the company. Below I have mentioned how you can login to john Lewis broadband.

By Post:- Most of the people don’t trust the online service and they want to contact the company in person for all those types of people company also offer contact through the post.

The Balance
2 Pinfold Street
S1 2GU

John Lewis Broadband Login

My account is the most convenient way to contact your service providers as it give you many access and features on it. You must have an active account in order to do a login. If you are a new users and want to know about services you can directly contact them.

John Lewis Broadband Login to my Account.

Once you are all done with setting up my account and you have created your username and password. You are ready to use My account service.

  • You have to visit the official website here.
  • There you will be able to see My Account on the Top-Right Side of screen.
  • Click on my account.
  • Now Enter your Username and password.
  • Now Tap on Sign in button.
  • You have successfully log in to My Account.

John Lewis Broadband Review and Router Settings

First of all, the company is quite younger as compare to other providers as a result, we will review on the basis of relevancy and speed. According to the feedback shared by our users, the broadband has decent speed for unlimited ADSL plan and super-fast speed for fibre plans. Additionally get a 24*7 customer service support which is a toll-free call service from all the UK landlines.

You will also get an option of online portal from where you can raise your complaint and query.

You will also get a free “Bullguard’s security” software that protect your system from malware, virus. It includes firewall, anti-spam filter and backup protection.

If you do not have a phone line, John Lewis Engineers will be able to install one for you at a discount.

Let’s Talk about the Equipment you will get during on-boarding:

All the packages comes with a free Netgear WNR1000 broadband. Fibre Broadband users will get a free router using Wireless 4.03N technology to make it easier to share a single network in home.

Router will have four Wireless Link Ethernet connectors. The top connecter will deliver the speed of 66 mbps, while the average is 17Mbps for the fixed internet plan.

Unlike other services who bill for a geographic region due to number, John Lewis broadband users can pay the same rate for a package irrespective of the place.

It is very easy to install and you can also find a manual in case you find it difficult. You can also comment below if you’re facing any problem in installation, we are always available to guide you.

Others Service Providers:

After reading this post now you want to compare the deals and prices with other service providers in Uk. Here I have listed Top 10 best service providers which also offers phone services and Tv Packages. Have a Look and comment below according to you which service provider is best.

Some FAQ’s on Lewis Broadband

Who provides John Lewis broadband?

It is provided by the very known service provide that is Plusnet. John Lewis company trade on behalf of Plusnet. Means, you will get the same speed as that of Plusnet service provider.

How much broadband speed I get with John Lewis?

You will get an average speed of 10mb for the standard ADSL broadband and if you want to go for Fibre then it varies from 36 – 66 Mbps.

How reliable is John Lewis broadband?

As per the feedback shared by the users, the service provided by the company is quite reliable. As a result, you can check all details here click on the above post.

My Contract will last for how many months?

The package will come up with a contract period of 12 months for both the plans i.e; Standard plan as well as fibre plans. And if you want to renew the services still the contract period is the same.

Does John Lewis also provide TV Bundle with their packages?

No, at present there are no TV packages or bundles are offered by the company. John Lewis has a departmental store but it does not sell a TV service or any Mobile services, currently, it only deals in the broadband and call plans packages.

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