Install Talktalk Supersafe Boost – Protect Your Online World In 2021

There are multiple software available online that provide protection from various virus threads. But you know why Talktalk Supersafe boost is the best among all?

Here in this post I have shared some of the key points why you need to install talktalk supersafe in your device.

It also honours by best online protection award in 2020 and the only cost is £3 for a month and £140 for a complete year.

It allows you to connect up to 10 devices at a time. This is most important for the people who want to keep their Social life secure or to keep their banking accounts secure from Snooping.

The company has recently upgraded its internet software to improve the security for its users. Later it known as Talktalk supersafe boost but after upgrading it is known as Talktalk online defence software.

What is Talktalk Supersafe Boost

Now, as the internet world keeps on enhancing it is important for users to have Talktalk super safe installed in their device.

Talktalk online defence software is designed and developed by a high advance internet security specialist company – F-secure.

This software is specially designed in a way that gives you protection from viruses, online attacks, hackers and other harmful online activities.

Talktalk Supersafe also provides protection to all your family member’s devices, smartphones, etc.

To use online defence software you have to first create a talktalk supersafe account.

To get Supersafe Boost, you need to add it to Talktalk My Account Dashboard. You’ll then receive an email from our expert security partner, F-Secure.

Through this account you can control all the activities of your broadband and share the license key with your family members. 

This email contains a link to download SuperSafe Boost and your username and password to activate it. Next, click the download now button. This will download your SuperSafe Boost setup file onto your Device.

Benefits of using supersafe account:

  1. Give access to control all devices at once.
  2. Add and remove devices from the list.
  3. Check the number of devices using supersafe.
  4. Protect your family members’ devices.

You can create an account and add a super safe in your dashboard from the below button.

How to Add Device in Supersafe Boost

Adding a device in your account is quite easy. You only require the name of a person and its working email address.

This method will also work if you want to share your license with another person. Follow the step to add device:

  • Under Talktalk supersafe boost account, you have to click on Add person.
  • A details page will appear, now you have to enter:
    • First name of a person.
    • Last name of a person.
    • Email address
  • At last, click on send invitation.

Note: Before sending an invitation to anyone check the email address twice.

Now the person will receive a confirmation link on his email address. This link will allow your friend to create a new account within your group.

Your supersafe account is the parent account of all the subsidiaries. you can easily manage the number of users and devices from your dashboard. 

It also allows protection to all the other devices including Windows Pc, iPhone, Mac, iPad, and many more devices.

Talktalk Supersafe Boost also provides you a password manager that saves your password online. Password manager Protect your password from the external world or from hackers.

Talktalk Supersafe boost for Windows PC

The Talktalk supersafe boost for Windows PC can install in just a few minutes. Here, we’ll show you how to download, install and activate your SuperSafe Boost on a PC. 

In this case, you’re protecting your Windows PC by giving a name to your PC.

Importantly, you now need to install your SuperSafe Boost. Click run to start the installation. 

If you don’t see the run option, double click the downloaded SuperSafe Boost file that appears in the bar at the bottom of the screen. Click yes to allow your SuperSafe Boost to protect your PC.

The installation will now start. Here, you need to accept the license terms before moving on. 

It’s now time to log in to your SuperSafe account to activate your protection with the username and password from your F-Secure email. 

Your username will be the same as your TalkTalk account. Your password will be different.

If you don’t have the email from F-Secure, click ‘Forgot your password?’ and it’ll resend. 

Your SuperSafe Boost will now take a few minutes to complete its installation. 

You can click on the SuperSafe account button to manage your security and protect your other devices – mobile, tablet, PC or Mac.

You’ll just need to enter your SuperSafe username and password first. 

Once you are logged into your SuperSafe account, you’ll see which of your own devices are protected, and which of your family and friends have used the protection you’ve sent them.

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Talktalk Supersafe Boost

Talktalk supersafe boost for iPhone

Here, I am going to share some points on the Talktalk supersafe boost for iPhone. 

To download a supersafe boost in iPhone you have to open the email on your iPhone and tap the link then iPhone or iPad option will be highlighted automatically.

Click Continue then, it will redirect to the App store. When the download is finished tap open accept the terms and conditions by tapping on Agree button. 

Then the page will load for a moment and a super safe boost is activated finally.

You’ll be prompted to log in again, then you have to give a name to your device and click continue. 

You’ll see this message asking for permission for the super safe boost app to use your location tap to allow your iPhone to be protected.

Talktalk supersafe boost for Mac

To download and install Talktalk supersafe boost for Mac you have to follow the below steps.

  • First, you’ll need to opt-in to super save boost in Talktalk my account.
  • Simply log in to Talktalk my account
  • Choose my services
  • Then select manage super safe boost
  • Now click the checkbox here once you’ve done this
  • Then you’ll send your username password and download link in an email from f-secure.
talktalk online defence software protection

How to Download Supersafe Boost in your device

The download process is similar to all the types of the device you have. The interface and design of the software may change but the process and working are the same.

You can follow the below process for window PC, Desktop, Laptops, iPhone, android, Mac.

  • Firstly, you have to login into talktalk my account dashboard.
  • Select My services option from the menu bar.
  • Next, click on manage supersafe boost.
  • select the checkbox under manage your security option.
  • At last, complete the process by selecting the choose order button.

Note: You will receive username and password on your talktalk registered email address from F-secure.

How to Install Supersafe Boost in your device

If you have a device  with a working internet connection then there may be a chance your device will have some unwanted malicious software. 

The installation process is easy to do and you don’t require additional technical knowledge to install supersafe boost software in your device.

Every device has a different installation method, so check the device before proceeding further.

Installation process in Windows

  1. Open your Email account in your PC and click on the link you receive from F-secure.
  2. On Clicking the link a file will be downloaded in your system.
  3. On the next Tab, Login to supersafe account and click on Add Device.
  4. Once your download is complete an installer will appear or you can directly double click on it.
  5. Next, a pop-up window will appear and it asks for your permission, Click on Yes.
  6. Now, Enter your username and password and click login to supersafe boost account.
  7. Enter the Name from which you want to identify this device and click on continue.
  8. Read and Accept the terms and conditions.
  9. Finally, your device is successfully protected now.

Installation process in Android Device

  1. Tap the download link in your F-Secure email.
  2. Alternatively, open Chrome, sign in to SuperSafe Boost through My Account, and then tap Add Device.
  3. The Online Defence installer will launch, and the Android option will be highlighted by default. Continue by pressing the Continue button.
  4. When the Google Play Store opens, tap Install, followed by Accept. When the download is complete, tap Open.
  5. Acceptance of the terms and conditions is required. While Online Defence is enabled, the page will load.
  6. You’ll need to log in again and name your Android device. When you’re finished, press the Continue button.

Installation process in iPhone

  • Tap the download link in your F-Secure email.
  • You can also open Safari, log in to SuperSafe Boost via ‘My Account,’ and then tap ‘Add Device.’
  • The Online Defence Boost installer will launch, and the iPhone or iPad option will be highlighted by default.
  • Then, press the ‘Continue’ button.
  • When the App Store opens, select ‘Get and Install’ to begin your download.
  • When the download is complete, press the ‘Open’ button.
  • Accept the terms and conditions by clicking the ‘Accept’ button. After that, the page will load if SuperSafe Boost is turned on.
  • You’ll now need to log back into your SuperSafe Account and give your iPhone a name. When you’re finished, press the ‘Continue’ button.
  • You’ll see a message requesting approval for supersafe. Click on Yes.

How to Protect your Device

This will usually come through straight away but sometimes it might take a couple of days your f-secure email will look like this and you can find your login details.

Once you receive an email you have to click on the link and download a super safe boost and a new window will open and the Mac option will be highlighted automatically.

Choose to continue and the download will start automatically and to install locate the download on your computer.

Then double click it to open follow the steps on your screen to complete the installation.

Finally, you’ll be asked to install a new browser extension, choose your default browser from the drop-down menu, and click install now. 

Follow the instructions in your browser window to finish the browser extension and your Mac is protected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I know there are many questions you want to ask for talktalk supersafe boost. So, I have listed some most searched questions below. 

If you want to ask anything do comment below. We will try to provide you the solution ASAP.

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