Giffgaff Wifi Calling – The Best Calling Network in the UK [Latest]

Giffgaff Wifi Calling is the best calling network in all over the United Kingdom. Giff gaff Wifi Calling provides you with a feature to make and receive voice & video calls using wifi network instead of your mobile plan.

Accordingly, In this post, we have shared all the information like what is Giffgaff wifi calling? How you can enable it in your device, Does it have another plan etc.

This feature is very helpful for the area where the mobile signals are weak or not available, in such a case if you have a wifi network then you can use wifi to make calls.

Why we choose Giffgaff?

Why we choose Giffgaff?

No doubt there are multiple options for the users to go for network provider. However Giffgaff is a well known service provider, which has more then 2.6 million users and its increasing day by day.

Since 2009 Giff gaff is a very significant and well productive network provider till now. From the beginning of the year, the company is providing very good plans and services with some extra amazing features.

Giffgaff is a good option to choose for the people because it caters for regular wage who don’t require a long duration of plans.

Does giffgaff support wifi calling?

Currently, it is not available to everyone, the company undergoing various test and after positive results you may take advantages of it. Till then, don’t worry we have some different ways to fix this issue.

Apart from this, giff gaff have very reliable connectivity for various product across entire UK. So let’s dive into the post to learn quickly how to enable Giffgaff wifi calling in your device.

Finally, the time have come to use the Wifi calling to all other networks with any charges. The company will work on both the network simultaneously because, when you are on wifi call and suddenly you move out from the connectivity or range of wifi network, the call is still connected to your mobile network.

Similarly, if you are on normal voice call and you reach home, then it will automatically switch to your wifi network for a better experience.

Since all new upcoming modern phones are allowed for WiFi calls, this feature is becoming very useful & relevant, as calls are now made more and more on WiFi network or VoLTE than a normal calling networks.

Does giff gaff support wifi calling?

Benefits of Wi-fi Calling

Below you can check some of the benefits of wifi calling and why more n more operators are interested to enable Voice over calling or Volte in their network.

  • User friendly, simple & don’t require an additional app.
  • Doesn’t require any goodybags or credit to use this feature.
  • It will not use your data network either.
  • Provides a better calling experience & enhance Voice quality.
  • Use your existing mobile number for calling.

So whenever it is possible to make a call through wifi use this option and save your credits.

Enable Giff gaff wifi Calling

Enable Giffgaff wifi Calling in iPhone or iOS

Before getting into details, in iPhone, you have to first check some of the things like your HD Voice must be activate. Next, your iPhone software version should be greater than ios 13. Currently iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c or iPhone 4/ 4s does not support wifi calling. Follow steps to activate Giff gaff wifi calling in iPhone:

iphone step 1
  • To begin with this, From your Home screen Tap on Setting option.
iphone step 2
  • In the setting menu, you will see a lot of options click on phone & it will redirect you to phone menu.
iphone step 3
  • Next, Under calls menu click on Wi-Fi calling.
iphone step 4
  • Now enable this feature by sliding a toggle option on the right side.
iphone step 5
  • Lastly If visible, make sure to switch on the roaming connectivity.

This is how you can enable or activate Wi-Fi calling in your iPhone. All the steps above is done on ios 13 if your device have any other version, follow the same procedure. If you still have any problem do comment below, we are always ready to help you.

Enable Giffgaff wifi Calling in Android

Enable Giffgaff wifi Calling in Android

Enabling this feature is quite easy in an android device but make sure your device is up to date. The steps shown below are done on the latest version of android.

  • In the first place, open setting option in your device.
step 1
  • Afterwards go to connections menu (As an example in some device it may appear as mobile networks, wifi networks, additional connectivity).
step 2
  • There you will see the wifi calling option, click on the right side & enable it.
step 3

For all the people where this feature is not available, you can try some of the alternatives. Because as per the report in news today, the work is still in progress and company is working on it.

However, not everyone is friendly with this feature or don’t know how to use it. Therefore, I have listed 3 alternative ways that will help you to do calling using the wifi network.

Using Signal Booster

Signal booster having a capacity to enhance the connectivity and speed upto 10X. This is really important for the areas where the network connectivity is low or not available.

It will not only increase the speed of your data connectivity, but also upgrade your signal connectivity to advance level.

To use signal booster you have to change your plans or add some extra credit to your account. Click on the below button to checkout some of the amazing deals on booster.

giffgaff wifi calling alternatives

Using wifi calling Apps

Using Giff gaff wifi calling apps you can also make a voice calls using data networks. Some of the great examples are Skype, whatsapp, messenger. Especially, this apps has a feature that will give your amazing experience while Voice as well as video calling.

Particularly, making calls using this app is quite easy you only have to download it from the store, open it and register on it. Then it will automatically connect your sim numbers to the account. As a rule, allow you to make calls whenever you want.

giffgaff wifi calling alternatives

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