Giffgaff Voicemail Number – How do I Check & Change my Voicemail 2021

Hi guys, Today in this post I am going to share some points on Giffgaff Voicemail Number. Many of the users have various questions related to the voicemail like how they can operate, check their messages etc.

Before getting into the post I want to tell you what is Giffgaff and how it is started? There is various humour on the internet that express giffgaff in their own way.

According to me, The Giffgaff is a company that provides a mobile network for you across the United Kingdom. The company is launched in November 2009 & operates using the virtual network of O2.

What is Giffgaff Voicemail

A type of Voice message a sender leaves when the receiver is not present or not available at the moment.

It works similar to that of an old answering machine, the only difference that the voice message is stored on the service provider server instead of being stored on your machine.

Giffgaff Voicemail Number

The spacious space provided by service provider is known as a mailbox. The mailbox that is reserved by the user is termed as a normal mail, that saves the message in the voice form instead of text.

Some of the features of Voicemail

There are plenty of features available but I have listed some of the most commonly used features of all time.

  Some of the features of Voicemail
  • Receive many voice messages from the sender at a same time.
  • Easily forward voice message to multiple people in one instance.
  • Can set a Welcome introduction on the box.
  • Easy to store for a longer duration of time.
  • Save the message in the form of media in your device.

In order to access Giffgaff Voicemail you have to first activate your Sim Card.

How to Activate Giffgaff Sim Card

No doubt, the sim card activation process is quite simple but you need a proper guidance. Make sure you have 3 things handy before processing further.

  • A working Giffgaff sim card.
A working Giffgaff sim card.
  • Mobile Device (O2 / Unlocked).
Mobile Device (O2 / Unlocked).
  • Suitable payment method.
Suitable payment method.

Now once you have all the things follow our step-by-step guide:


  • Click on the below button to begin the activation process.
Activate Your Sim
  • Next step is to Insert the activation code in the blank field and hit the below button.
    The activation code is present at the bottom of your sim card. If you have lost activation code, you can find another method to Activate Giffgaff sim card.
  • If you already have an existing account then you can login to my account section. Otherwise, click on Register and create a new account.
Giffgaff Voicemail Number
Giffgaff Voicemail Number
  • Now you have to choose a deal from the list. You will get an option to select a monthly plan or just top up your number. In case of confusion, you can change it anytime after the activation.
  • Select your payment option is the last step in the process. You will get options like
    • Credit card
    • Debit card
    • Voucher
Giffgaff Voicemail Voucher

Points to Remember

If you want to select a Goodybag deal, the same Goodybag can be renewed every month or changed from the “My giffgaff” on the official website. If you want to choose a credit, then you can pick the auto-up option.

The cards that are currently being used are credit / debit cards (including Electron) & credit / debit MasterCard (including Switch).

Payments from American Express or Diners Club are not acceptable right now. You will have to choose a voucher if you don’t have any other card.

How to Setup Giffgaff Voicemail

Once your Sim card is activated, your voicemail will switched on automatically.

By calling 443 on your mobile phone you can reach your Giffgaff voicemail. In order to manage and check messages within your mailbox:

You can change many of the things in your mailbox like Personalize your own voice as caller tune if someone is calling you.

Create a Pin Code to protect your voice mailbox. In case you need to access your mailbox from another device then you have to provide this pin code as authorization.

Through this you can remotely access all your messages from another device using pin code. In case you forget your pin code and want to reset then send a text message RESET to 802443.

A five digit temporary PIN will be sent to your registered mobile number. Next time whenever you want to check your message you have to enter this temporary code and it will ask to set up new Pin code.

Giff gaff Voicemail Menu Options

After complete setup of your Pin code you can access your messages through the following menu options.

There are Four choices are available in the menu. Each key number present in the option are perform different tasks like:

  • 2: Listen all your messages
  • 3: Change greetings in your mailbox
  • 4: Change the settings for your mailbox
  • 1: Provides Help Support

Number 2: Listen all your messages

  • To play the message, click 1.
  • To save your message, click 2.
  • Remove message from the list, click 3.
  • Click 8 to hear the details of the message.

Number 3: Change greetings in your mailbox

  • Click 1 to chech the current greeting.
  • When you click 2 a new greeting will record.
  • Temporary greeting recorded from number 3.
  • Enter a new name, click 4.
  • Number 5 will delete both of your welcome and name.
  • Click on 6 to get any help for mailbox.

These commands are used while you are changing settings:

  • In order to begin or stop a recording, click on number 0.
  • Check the recording, press 1.
  • Save a recording, press the number 2 button.
  • Click number 3 to record again.
  • To cancel and go back to the main menu, press star (*).

Number 4: Change the settings for your mailbox

  • Click 1 to change whether you want a notification on your device or not. Then Tap number 1 for SMS method or Tap 3 for mobile notification.
  • Through Number 2 you can check the date and time of a message.
  • Click on number 3 to delete the menu after any message is played.
  • To change the security configuration, press 4. To modify the PIN, tap 1 or tap 2 to turn ON/OFF PIN verification.

Giffgaff Voicemail Off & On

The method share below will not cost anything to you. It is totally free and provides the best way to switch between Off & On.

You will have to use a few Network Short codes, where you simply dial a number from your device and press the SEND key to change your giffgaff voicemail settings.

Giffgaff Voicemail Off Number: Dial 1626 from your registered mobile number.

Giffgaff Voicemail On Number: Dial 1616 from your sim card.

You also have an option to check the status of your ongoing process i.e; *#004#. want to know the alternate methods to switch Off / On without dialing above number.

Switch OnSwitch Off
alternate way

Steps to change Giffgaff Voicemail Pin

First of all, Just dial 443 and then tap star button (*) in your giffgaff mobile. Now you have to follow 4-4-1. You will be asked to enter an existing PIN and similarly you will be allowed to insert a new pin code.

Likewise If you haven’t developed a PIN before, you will be prompted to add a PIN when you dial 443 first.

This helps you to ensures that you can insert this PIN and your voice mail will be safe from some other accessing user.

What happen if your problem is not resolved from the above steps? then there is another method through which you can change your pin code.

This will fix the issue if your PIN validation is inappropriate, go to “Settings” option in your device and look for touch tones and disable it. This will surely solve your problem if not try to post in Help and support community.


I have forget my Giffgaff voicemail number what should I do?

Firstly you have to figure out whether your Pin protection is enable or disable. If it is enable then this method won’t work for you. Still you can give a try Type RESET and send Text message to 802443.

How much is the Voicemail charges?

It depends on the plan you have. as a result, it charge differently for the voice mail that uses airtime credit or goodybag. It you don’t have goodybag then it will cost you around 8p per call. Likewise if you have a goodybag then, it will deduct 1 minute per call.

How can I divert my Voicemail number?

You can set the divert to another number using the *004*443# code. It is recommended to first divert to your registered number and then Re-enable the service using the same code.

Hope your problem is solved now if you still have any doubt comment below or you can directly reach us through Contact Us.

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