Easiest way to Check Talktalk Speed Test in 1 Click

Why do you need to check your Talktalk Speed Test? The reason that I can assume is you are not getting actual speed that the company has offered.

In terms of speed test there are two things you have to understand i.e, the speed the company promising to deliver and the speed you are getting.

They both are actually a different thing. The company offer a maximum speed you will get as per your package but they don’t add some of the parameters like, number of connections in an areas, distance from the server location.

Now you may understand that there may be some drop in your internet speed while you are performing a speed test.

There are multiple websites available online to run a Talktalk Speed Test. But we recommend you to perform a test on the official website that is; https://www.talktalk.co.uk/speedcheck/.

It will automatically fetch your current location and deliver an accurate results. There are also some of the third party websites which perform better speed test as per your device configurations. For that, you have to read this entire post attentionally.

In this post I am going to show you how you can run the Talktalk Speed test in your computer and some steps to improve your internet connection.

I know most of you are very curious about what speed you are getting into your system and does the company provide the same speed that they mention in the plan.

Let’s get into this.

The Speed of Talktalk Broadband can be checked using various testing measures like Megabits per seconds, megabytes per seconds and giga bytes per seconds.

It all depend on the internet service provider where they provide good quality to their customers or not. 

The more good quality of connection you have, the more bandwidth you will receive and high internet speed you will get.

Factors Affecting Talktalk Internet Speed


Distance also affects your internet speed, the more a distance the Internet provides exchange from your home, poor is the connectivity.

It is because there are many people using the Talktalk Broadband service from the exchange to your home. 

Number of Connections

Similar to distance, the number of connections also affects your internet speed. the Internet speed from the exchange is fixed. So as the number of people increases, the speed is decreased simultaneously.

System Hardware

System hardware is also affecting your Talktalk Internet connection. Old system hardware is not capable of providing you high connectivity, as it is designed to provide you a stable connection that you used a few years ago.

Many devices have a limit to hold a speed at a time. The device that has lower specifications can’t handle a strong internet speed.

Now, today is a time of fibre technology. Which gives you 300Mbps to 1Gbps but to receive this much speed you must have a advanced system hardware otherwise, you will receive a regular speed even on your fibre connection.

Wireless connection

Disturbance in the surrounding also affects the speed of your talktalk broadband. Wireless connections communicate with the broadband using the waves, which sometime gets distrubed of interrupt. Try to use your system or laptop using wired connection.

Bandwidth of Wired connection is fast & it will help you to provide a good talktalk broadband speed without any interference. 

Broadband location

If you still want to use wireless connection then make sure the location of broadband is facing towards your system. The antenna’s of your router must be kept at a perfect place, so that they do not get mixed with your other electrical appliances.

Talktalk Speed Checker Apps

You can solve your TalkTalk speed test problem in just One Single Click. Talktalk Broadband Speed test gives you accurate and exact speed results.

If you are having a problem like this, you can use one of the Talktalk speed test tools to check your current speed.

Just follow all the steps one by one and don’t miss any steps. Otherwise, you will end up with no solution.

Talktalk Broadband Speed Test – Method 1

Talktalk Speed Test
  • First of all, do a regular restart of your broadband modem.  
  • Now, you have to unplug all the devices attached to your modem. 
  • After that only connect the device on which you are going to run a test.
  • After that open any Browser and type “https://www.talktalk.co.uk/speedcheck/” or click here.
  • Once the page is loaded, you will see Check Your Speed icon.
  • Click on the Go button. Then it will run a speed test.
  • After a few minutes, it will show you the exact result.
speed test result

There you will see your at present Talktalk speed test result. If you are satisfied with this speed then it is ok otherwise, follow the next steps to get a high internet connection. 

This method will work for all service provider.

Talktalk Speed Test – Method 2

  • First of all, do a regular restart of your broadband modem.  
  • Now, you have to unplug all the devices attached to your modem. 
  • After that only connect the device on which you are going to run a test.
  • Type the URL “https://fast.com/” in your device browser.
  • Once you open a website it will automatically start running a speed test.
  • It will show you the average speed of your broadband i.e download + upload.
talktalk fast speed test result

Additionally, if you want to know more details, you can click on the show more info button. Then, it will show you four option

  1. Latency
  2. Upload
  3. Client
  4. Server

General terms in Talktalk broadband speed test:-

  • Download Speed: Talktalk download speed is the speed you are getting while downloading something from the internet. It is expressed in terms of Mbps.
  • Upload Speed: Why Upload speed is essential and what speed you are getting. When you share something with your friends like photos, files, etc. on the internet, you will see your Upload speed of broadband lower than your Download speed.
  • Ping: When you do a Talktalk broadband speed test, you will see a word Ping there, Which means response time taken by your broadband. If you love to play a game, then you must require a quicker response time.
  • Client: Client is a service provider who is providing the internet connection at your location. You can easily see the Ip location of your client during the test.
  • Server: Server is a place where your internet connection is carried out. A server is a machine that shares or transmits data to other connected computers using Local area network (LAN). A server can be web servers, mail or Ftp servers.
  • Latency: In simple terms latency is the amount of delay in the time to completely load a web service. How much time is required to load a complete web service is termed as latency. The more low the latency is, the higher is the internet connectivity. 

Broadband Speed Test – Free Internet Speed Test in 2021

Today I’m going to share some points on checking your Broadband Speed Test free in 2021 and how to get Free Internet Speed test results in 2021 quickly.

Two methods usually do this; the most common one is just going onto Google and searching for free Internet speed tests.

So, if I quickly do this here and see, there’s plenty of different results just like the below Screenshot but if you are looking for an accurate speed test. Then read this blog post thoroughly.

know your speed test

How to do talktalk speed check in Windows

You can do a talktalk speed test usually by two methods. The first one is just type speed test on google and google will tell you approx speed test.

Another method is to find through CMD(command line window). I honestly prefer what you need to do is follow below some steps:-

  • It would be best if you went into your Start menu.
  • then you are going to type CMD or command prompt both of which will bring up CMD
  • Now you have to open it, and it looks obviously like this little command system.
  • Some of you may be familiar with the command prompt some of you may not it’s a straightforward command.
  • You’re going to type Ping google.com and press Enter.
Talktalk Speed Test

This is a telling command prompt to perform a Speed Test. It’s going to send out a request to an IP address. You can use a web address as long as you use the full address.

Both of these ways will send out a request to the server and once a response receives it’ll send it back.

You can see here I’m guessing the reply from Google’s IP address remembered in one of my other posts.

This is obviously in the ipv4 format. It also shows you what address you’re pinning. It is also shown here how many megabytes or gigabytes it’s sending for testing purposes.

Free Internet Connection Test:-

Free Internet Speed Test, it took a long time to get a response so my average speed of the quickest time.

The speed I had was 11 milliseconds, and the longest it took me was 20 milliseconds. So I’m getting an average of 14 milliseconds in response time.

Suppose your internet’s providing prolonged speed that this can be in the hundreds.

I’ve seen speed many times in the thousands before and sometimes you’ll get a failed request or no response from the server. Another way to check your Broadband speed test is below.

Check my Broadband Speed:-

Check my broadband speed method with the connection. Now I’m just going to demonstrate what that looks like by temporarily disabling my internet.

You can also do that by going and changing adapter settings and simply disabling your network cruiser.

Also, try to do the ping test again quite simply because there’s no internet ping request and could not find the host. This method is used to check my broadband speed test without the internet.

So, it can locate anywhere on the internet, which usually means there’s an issue with your internet connectivity or you adjust your adapter.

This is the easiest thing If you are using an Ethernet cable check if it’s plugged in or not.

Check my Internet Speed:-

Talktalk Speed Test

I try to use a different device to check my internet speed. Let’s go ahead and do the ping test again and recheck my internet speed.

Here you can see below that I’m coming back at 14 milliseconds average now in some cases, especially on my computer.

I do find it weird that some time for no reason at all speed goes very slow. It will cut in and out to have a response time the 100 then 500 then 300 then 800.

It will have some failed response times no response received now if that happens as I said the easiest thing to do is literally turn off your network adapter and turn it back on again a lot of people think to do this you have to right-click and do troubleshoot problems.

How to Improve talktalk internet speed

For this, you will need to be an administrator to do all Broadband Speed Test Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting makes your life a lot easier, and it does the job that you should be waiting five to ten minutes for the computer to figure out what to do.

I pull this down here to troubleshoot problems, and you would get just by right-clicking your Wi-Fi or Ethernet adapter. 

You don’t need to do that to go into the open network and Sharing Center and click settings and disable and re-enable it.

You can also do Speed Test Troubleshooting using cmd. It’ll send a constant and non-stop request until you specify it to stop. 

I use the AB command prompt when I don’t need it. Don’t worry about broadband charges or anything like that. 

This is an excellent way to see in real-time how quickly your internet’s going.

If it’s giving you very varied responses just trying restarting your network adapter give it about a minute or two minutes.

After it’s being restarted and then gives another shot, you can restart your PC or your Mac, but I don’t think that would be required anyway.


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