Cancel TalkTalk Contract For Free Within 30 Days Cancellation Notice Period

Looking to cancel Talktalk Contract for free then this post is for you. Here in this post, we have shared all the relevant information you need to cancel the contract within the 30 days Cancellation notice period.

How to leave talktalk for free? Many of the talktalk customers want to know how to cancel talktalk broadband contracts without paying cancellation charges.

In this post, I am going to show you some useful working methods for talktalk cancel contracts without additional fees.

As per the company norms, if you want to cancel your contract before your expiry date then you have to pay an early termination fee. 

But what will happen when you don’t have enough money to pay your termination charges or you don’t want to pay for it?

So, to get rid of this issue I have done some of the research online and found the best way to get out of your contract without paying an extra amount.

How to leave Talktalk for Free

cancel talktalk contract

In this article, we are discussing how to cancel Talktalk services. To make the cancellation process simple we will be breaking this process into three major steps. 

The three steps will cover what things you should do before:

  1. You call to talktalk customer service.
  2. What to expect during the call. 
  3. What to do after the call.

There are lots of rumours stories surrounding canceling with talktalk service providers. So how it actually works and how it can be possible for you.

let’s talk about it.

Every company forces you to get on the phone and cancel the services. It’s 2021 and due to Covid outbreak all companies have shifted to online customer services and they’re already a telecom company.

Step 1: Dial Talktalk customer service number

Now you are thinking that you are going to send them a mail or text to cancel talktalk service. But they want you to continue using it and don’t want you to leave talktalk for free.

so it is better for you to do your complete homework before cancelling your contract.

There are a few things you should look into first is your contract over or check are you canceling early

If your contract is coming to a close then Congrats your leave should be easy. Just make sure you call the talktalk retention department and let them know that you don’t want to renew back into another contract.

In case if you’re cancelling early then look into talktalk cancel contract early termination or cancellation fees

Calculate the total amount you have to pay. If you are leaving talktalk because you’re unsatisfied with their broadband services, this could actually be a great way to get yourself a better talktalk deal.

If you are worried or don’t know how to leave talktalk then they’ll try to retain you with faster speed and a lower price package. 

Step 2: Check your Billing date

Next thing you have to check the date and timing, have you already set up your new internet?

What is your billing cycle and when will your billing cycle be prepared? If you’ve thought about all of that you should be ready to get on the call. 

Now what I personally recommend when you connect to talktalk customer service phone calls is use your headphones. This is the best way as you can check your points or mark your checklist during the calls.

Step 3: Make a short note of all details

You can also take a note of all the details shared by talktalk customer service agents. 

Once you’re on the phone there is a high chance that you’ll get an automatic robot menu. Listen to all the menu carefully and select the option for downgrading or canceling service.

If you didn’t find the cancel contract menu from the option check change or transfer services. 

Any company doesn’t want to leave their customer so they don’t share the cancellation process directly. 

They might even lump the cancellation menu option in with change or transfer service.

So choose any of the options and your call should be transferred over to the talktalk retention department. All the talktalk agents are so trained that they stop you to cancel your services with the company. 

But you have to remain calm and stay focused on your point and explain all the details to them that you want to cancel your services.

The agent will probably ask if you want to transfer your services to a new residence or try to upsell you on a new contract. 

You can choose from the upsell products sometimes it is really amazing but If you really want to cancel then just tell them sorry but I don’t need help with anything else. I just like to cancel my talktalk services.

Step 4: Talktalk early termination fees

During the call if you find that your talktalk early termination fees are just too much. Ask if there is a way to reduce your services opting to receive slower internet. 

Another thing you can do is just waiting to complete the contract as it might be the cheaper option. See below for the basic difference between the early termination fees and the lower your internet package.

It is just for example! Termination fees of talktalk may vary.

Step 5: Check your equipment

The last thing to do is ask about your equipment, did you rent your modem or did you buy it. Is there anything that they have on your talktalk account. 

Any additional equipment that needs to be returned? ask for the return process, confirm how and where to return the equipment.

So that you can get it back to your other service provider without any lost equipment fees and before you end the call get your agent’s name and a ticket number.

Step 6: Ask for Talktalk Ticket number

Talktalk ticket number you might need to revisit this call later and a ticket number and name will help you to get the ticket status. 

Talktalk Cancel Contract Process

Once you’re off the phone, collect all your equipment together. For your security purpose do remember to take photos of it before putting it in a box.

Now take it to the location where the agent told you. If the talktalk agent told you to ship the equipment then make sure to get a receipt from them. 

This receipt will help you in future if any mishappening happens.

In case you choose to deliver the equipment to a physical address then take a photo and get a receipt from them. Note down the name of the employee you dropped it off.

Take all these things and keep it with you, until you know that your services are for sure cancelled.

Information You Need to Cancel Talktalk Services

You must know the status of your Existing contract like; ending date, renewal date, etc. If you are not sure about the information you have, you can contact the Talktalk Customer Service number to check the contract before cancellation.

As per my knowledge, the company offers you a contract of 12 to 18 months during onboarding. 

This information is important because if there are any months left in your contract, you have to pay an early termination fee.

Search for a New Broadband Plan

You will have to choose or select a new broadband package before moving to another service provider

Let’s suppose if you didn’t select any plan, if you cancel the TalkTalk contract, then you don’t have any broadband service at your place. 

So, it’s better to decide to choose a new broadband plan before the cancellation period.

How to check your Talktalk Contract Length

As you have made your mind to leave a company; however, you can pay an early termination fee and leave TalkTalk, the amount of the fee depends on the months you left on the contract.

After that, you have to contact Talktalk customer service & they will go through all your options if you wish to cancel the talktalk contract.

The company will inform you about the exact amount of the early termination charges’ cost, usually, if you’re within your contract.

Talktalk Cancellation Out of Contract

Cancel TalkTalk Contract

If you are out of your contract and now you want to process the cancellation, then there are some points you have to focus on. Once your contract is over, you can change your service provider or cease your broadband connection.

Switch to New Service provider

It is straightforward to move from an old service provider to a new one if your contract is ending and you are rolling a monthly plan. 

You can easily choose a better broadband service connection that operates within your area. 

Usually, your switch will be managed automatically by the company after you register with your new provider.

If you are within your contract period and still want to change your service provider, then you have to go through the below process:

  • First of all, you have to find a new service provider that operates in your area.
  • Next step, you don’t have to do anything. Yes, that’s the right new company to contact TalkTalk on your behalf and you have to sit and relax.
  • Your broadband service will move automatically to a new company.
  • Talktalk will contact you to pay the remaining outstanding bill including the early termination fee.
  • Now, at last, you have to return your TV box if you have one otherwise Talktalk will charge you £75.

Cease your broadband connection

Just want to cancel the service and not switch to any provider. You have to call Talktalk and explain all the things to the agent.

You will need to dial, write a letter, or chat to TalkTalk online to explain your intent to leave if you subscribe with Virgin Media and don’t want to take your phone number anywhere.

Similarly, if you don’t want to change your provider but want to cancel broadband services, you have to contact the customer service number.

Follow the below steps:

  • To clarify why you want to cancel a service, make a phone call, deliver a letter or chat with an assistant on TalkTalk’s website.
  • Don’t want to talk to an agent. You can send an email, make sure you have shared the full name, telephone number, signature, and telephone number or address correctly.
  • You have to process all these steps a month before cancellation. As you have to give at least 30 days prior notice to the company.
  • Pay all your remaining fees in your Talktalk My account, including the termination fee.
  • Return your Tv box so that the company will not charge you extra.

You have to give at least a 30 days notice period before cancellation. It’s important to remember.

Once your request is received, or the company has received your letter, your broadband terminates within 30 days.

Cancel Talktalk Contract Termination Fees

Cancel TalkTalk Contract

There are two types of fees if you cancel any contract with TalkTalk. The one is early termination fees, and another is Breakage fees. Both the fees are applied to different situations like:

Early cancellation fees

As mentioned above, you will have to pay a complete termination fee to leave TalkTalk when you have signed up for a contract. 

The amount depends on your services and the time you spend after the go-live date. For more about the fee, you have to contact customer service on 0345 172 0088.

Package Charge per month remaining on your contract
Fast Broadband £9.00
Faster Fibre £8.50
Fastest Ultra Fibre Optic £10.50

Early Breakage fees

This fee comes in a role only when you have a signup for a boost or other products, but now you want to cancel it before its commitment period. 

This is usually approximately a month, which means a product that you have purchased for a month.

Package Charge per month remaining on your contract
Phone only £3.00
Plus £25.00
Plus TV £25.00*
Essentials £17.50
Essentials TV £17.50*
Simply Broadband £15.50
Any other package £8.00 – £23.31 dependent on the package.

Complete Overview

  • First do complete research regarding:
    • Early termination fees
    • Contract completion date.
    • Check your Equipment physically.
    • Check your monthly billing charges.
    • Make a proper note of all the details.
  • Next, make the call to talktalk customer service.
  • Return the equipment to the desired location.
  • Finally, Double check all the following points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cancellation fee for leaving TalkTalk?

The answer depends on your contract. If you are your contract amount, then the answer is no, you don’t have to pay any amount to leave TalkTalk.

On the other hand, if you are within your contract, then you have to pay fees according to the months left in your plan. For more, you can click on this link Cancel Talktalk Contract Termination Fees.

Can I cancel my broadband contract with TalkTalk?

Yes, you can cancel your broadband contract with TalkTalk. for more you can visit this link

How to leave TalkTalk for free?

Usually, you can leave within 30 days only if you are in a cooling-off period after being notified. However, TalkTalk is one of the few vendors to ensure that the deal does not increase costs. This escape route will therefore not be available.

Talktalk cancellation cooling-off period

There is a cooling-off period given by the company when you purchase a new plan or a product within the first 20 days of being able to cancel your TalkTalk broadband without being charged. However, the services you used in that time still have to be paid for, but you will get rid of paying a termination fee.

For other service provider you can view this video:


Hope you found this article useful and I wish you luck with that phone call.

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