How to cancel Now Tv in a Right Way & Avoid Extra Charge in Monthly bill

Learn How to cancel now Tv Subscription is a very effective way. Now Tv is a part of Sky broadband which offers you Tv services like what’s on Now TV, watch the latest movies on Now Tv and many more.

Now Tv is the most popular Tv show, series, and movies providers in the United Kingdom. You can stream thousands of online movies on Now TV.

If you are canceling your subscription for passes or broadband due to some problems like the services not working accurately.

In such a situation, I can help you resolve your problem to continue your now TV subscription.

If you are already signed up for TV, know you have got bored with the services. In that case, I have great news for you that Now TV has extended their passes and introduced a new pass for the users like sky sports, Hayu, entertainment, sky cinema, pass for kids.

If we look back previously, the company only offered a few of the passes, which is not sufficient compared to other service providers. Now you will get more options if you want to continue the service.

Terms and Conditions of now TV

  • After successful cancellation, you will be no longer be a part of now TV
  • If you have already paid for the service for this month, you will not get any refund.
  • No refund will be processed if you have already paid for the whole year.
  • The service will discontinue after the end of the month.
  • It is better to use the service for the month if you have already made the payment.
  • You have to talk to customer service to cancel your account permanently.
  • Ensure passes are linked to the one account; otherwise, you have to raise a cancellation request for each account individually.
  • If you have subscribed to the sky’s pass, you have to cancel your subscription from there also.

Now TV offers several services to customers like broadbandnow TV stickTV passesvouchers & devices.

If you want to cancel all the services from the now TV, you have to request each one separately. There are several ways through which you can cancel your now TV subscriptions.

How to cancel now TV online

There are various options through which you can disable or permanently close the services. The best way is to do it from the official website under my account section.

  • First, Enter the Now TV in your browser and click on the official website.
cancel now tv
  • There you will be able to see my account section on the top right corner of your screen.
My account
  • Click on my account and select the sign-in option.
Now my account
  • It will then redirect you to the login page, enter your username or password, and click on the sign-in button.
cancel now tv
  • Note: If you forgot your password you can reset from the below link.
  • All the passes which you have subscribed to are listed in your account.
  • Select the pass which you want to cancel.
now tv manage subscription
  • If you want to cancel the complete subscription, then you have to cancel each pass separately.
  • After successful Discontinue, it will redirect you to the response page; response stages are most important and make sure you’re silent the right way and appropriate response for each pass.
  • Now it will show some points to convince you, and if you like points, you can continue your plan; otherwise, Click on I still want to cancel and proceed to next.
  • You will receive a confirmation email on your registered email ID where all the information and mention, and you will no longer be a part of now TV.

How to cancel Now TV from devices

Cancellation only proceeds on the official website by login into your account. Once you have raised a request on the website now, you can cancel your subscription from the app using the following method.

How to cancel Now Tv on Android application.

How to cancel Now Tv on Android application.

It is always more convenient to cancel or use the services of any company through mobile applications. It hardly takes a minute or two to complete the process. only you have to do follow the steps accurately:

  • First of all, we have to open the Play Store app on your device.
  • Now click on the menu option on the top left side of your screen.
  • Click on the subscription option.
  • Select the service you want to cancel and hit cancel subscriptions.

Cancellation on iPhone

Cancellation on iPhone

The steps are quite simple and similar to that of an Android application. Before proceeding, make sure you remember your Apple ID password as it is required during the process.

  • Click on the Settings option.
  • Click on Apple Id and select your name.
  • There you will be able to see subscription options.
  • If you cannot see a subscription option, you have to visit the app store and select from there.
  • Now select the service and click on cancel subscriptions.

Note: Try to do the above step again, and if you cannot see Now Tv in your subscription, it means it is successfully cancelled.

Cancellation Process on Apple TV

Cancellation Process on Apple TV

The cancellation process on Apple TV is quite complicated as it requires your account’s username and password. If you don’t remember your password, it is better to cancel the official website’s service.

If you have your username and password handy, do the following step:

  • Open the setting option on your Apple TV.
  • Select the account from which you want to cancel the services.
  • Go to subscription options.
  • Select now TV app and ID press the cancel option.

Note: if you have tried from the official website and cancel option is not visible on Apple TV means you have already canceled the service.

Cancellation Process on PlayStation

Cancellation Process on PlayStation

Just like other device processes, steps are very easy on PlayStation 4.

The first step is similar to that of other devices:

  • Click on setting options.
  • Now click on the Account management section.
  • In the account management section, you have to select PlayStation subscriptions.
  • Click on now TV and cancel the service.
  • Make sure after cancellation; you will see that the auto-renew option is turned off.

List of other Service Provider Like Now Tv

Amazon Prime

Amazon prime is the best alternative to the Now Tv. The best thing about Amazon Prime is, you will get a free 30 days trial.

After that, if you like the service, you can continue with the service. Otherwise, it will discontinue the service.

Sling Tv

Another alternative to Now Tv is Sling Tv. You will get all the features in this additionally the price of Sling Tv is much less than others. If you want to check out the demo, visit the below button.

It will redirect you to the official website to find all the necessary information related to the channels and the package.

Customer care support for Cancel Now Tv Service

If you want to cancel the service through Customer care Support, you can contact them on getting Support.

  • Select the Category in which you want assistance.
Customer care support for Cancel Now Tv Service
  • Like I have Select Now TV Passes. Then you will be able to see sub-category.
Now TV Passes
  • Select the topic in which you want help.

You will also get a Live chat support option on the official website. Click on OK; I’ll do it. Then it will connect you to the Live chat agent.

You have to explain all the things, and they will guide you better.

How do I cancel my NOW TV account without signing in?

You have to enter your username and password to access your my account section. To discontinue your service, you have to sign in to your my account.

Only after that will you be able to cancel the account. Irrespective, you can change your pass and manage your subscription from Passes & Vouchers section.

Now tv

Most Asked Questions on Cancel Now Tv

Can I continue with the service after cancellation?

Yes, If you want to reactivate your account and want to use the service, you can do it. The only thing you have to do is contact the customer service agent and explain everything.

Why can’t I cancel Now TV?

It is only possible when you have not cleared your previous bill. Meaning, your previous month’s bill is in due status.
You may see that the cancel button is not clickable, and it is showing in grey colour.
Clear all your previous payments only after that you can cancel your service.

Can I cancel now TV at any time?

Yes, You can cancel your plan anytime. Make sure you have discontinued the service before the starting of the next month. Otherwise, you have to pay the amount for the whole month.
In case you cancel your service during the first week of the month, your service will be active until the end of that month. You can enjoy the service for the month you have paid.
Once you cancel the subscription or pass, make sure to confirm it with the customer care. You can also check your bill under my account view my bill option.

How do I cancel a direct debit on now TV?

If you want to disable auto-debit in your account or if you want to make your payment manually. You have to visit the official website> Sign in to my account > My Passes section > Cancel button.
Follow all the steps after that, and it will remove direct debit from your account.

Hope Now you know how to cancel Now Tv in a better way. If you still have any doubt, comment below. We are always ready to help you. Do share your reviews on Review Page.

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