Why Thoptv is Not Working Today on Android | Pc | iPhone

Why Thoptv is Not Working Today on Android | Pc | iPhone

Are you looking to fix Thoptv is not working on your smartphone? Sometimes, there must be some server problem due to which your Thoptv is unable to connect to the server and shows buffering error.

Don’t worry, we have a solution for you. In this post, we will share some working free methods to fix Thoptv not working problems in your mobile.

We will focus on how to connect to the server, fix buffering, and be unable to open Thoptv app.

But first, for the people who don’t know what a Thoptv App is, Here is a brief introduction.

Thoptv App

Thoptv is a very popular online streaming application that has a huge collection of web series, stories, tv shows, movies, and animated videos. In Thoptv app, you can easily find latest Bollywood, Hollywood, south Indian, Hindi Dubbed movies for free.

It provides thousands of paid channels for free. During the cricket seasons, this app is very

popular among the cricket fans for its live IPL telecast.

All similar apps will require some additional subscription to watch live matches whereas thoptv app allows its users to watch, stream or share IPL without subscription.

This app has a strong server and can hold millions of users at a time. You can easily download apps on your smartphone (Android). Currently, it is only available for the android users.

Why Thoptv is not working

There are only a few reasons why Thoptv is not working, maybe there is a server down or the app is under maintenance. According to our researcher, the most common problem that occurs during the streaming the Thoptv tv is Unable to open app in my device.

Apart from this there may be some login issue as well. Sometimes it is due to regular maintenance or sometimes it may be banned from the server.

No such industries want to leak their handwork production movies, series for free. That is why they keep on tracking and report to disable the app for the particular region.

How to Fix Thoptv is not working problem

If you are facing it numerous of time then you can follow: Try to clear the data & cache files.
Update or download the latest version on the app. Update system software and restart your device. Connect your device with another network connection. Try to connect using VPN connections

If still not working try to open the app using proxy servers. This will help you to fix Thoptv not working error.

Thoptv unable to connect to server

It is very frustrating when you are planning to watch the live IPL and suddenly it shows Thoptv unable to connect to server. This error occurs due to some technical problem from server side.

In such a scenario app is sending request to the server but server is not able to receive and transmit the server data to the application.

Using an old version app can also shows server error. We recommend you to install or update your app to the latest version available.

If you are using an updated version then follow these steps:

  1. Go to your setting option.
  2. Select an application management option. 
  3. Choose the Thoptv app
  4. Clear the data and cache files.
  5. Now restart your device and now open the app.

Thoptv Showing Buffering

Buffering is a problem where you can easily auto repair yourself. Thoptv showing buffering means the connection to the app server lagging and doesn’t getting enough data to load the video in your device.

Hopefully, there is a solution that does not involve additional knowledge to change the buffering settings.

You can try connect to different internet connection and check whether the problem is resolved or not. Otherwise follow the below steps:

  1. Open your application.
  2. Click on the live streaming or video you want to play.
  3. Go to the video setting option.
  4. Select the video quality option.
  5. Decrease the video quality to 140p or the lowest available.

Thoptv App Crash

Whenever you click on the application nothing happen or shows Thoptv has stopped and in the next line it shows open app again. It shows there is a problem in your application or your application is out dated.

You can check the version install in your mobile and if it is less than v50.7.5 then you can download the latest app from here.


Here, we have provide our best to solve your Thoptv is not working problem using a simple method. If you still getting error or if your problem is not listed above write a mail to us or comment below.

We will try our best to provide your a response as quick as possible.

Additionally, we also have Maintenance Planner Software that will organise all your repairs regarding your devices & equipment's.

Thanks to the PVS, you always have the entire documentation at hand.


Is Thoptv banned in our country?

Yeah, Thoptv not fulfill all the requirement to run it legally. As all the paid services are available for free which gives a huge loss to producers and marketers. That is why it is banned in some countries.

Watching or streaming on Thoptv is illegal?

Just like torrent, Thoptv is also illegal until or unless you got caught. It violates the telemedia rights and copyright law in India. If you found watching it, then you are also supporting such things which lead you to legal actions. Try to avoid such activities as cyber cell in India is active. You can try using Amazon Prime in a discounted prize.