Vodafone Keep my Number – Complete Guide to Submit Transfer Form 2024

Vodafone Keep my Number – Complete Guide to Submit Transfer Form 2024

Either you want to leave a company or you want to join Vodafone from another service provider. In such a situation Vodafone helps their user to keep their number.

Vodafone Keep my number is a way through which you can keep your existing number with you. Either you are from the same service provider and upgrade your services or you join a company.

I have divided this entire post into two different sections i.e.;

1. You are an existing Vodafone Customer.

2. You are a new customer.

Numbers plays an very important role to keep in contact with your loved once. Just imagine somebody is calling on your previous number and line not connect. You are losing your relation, your business, your contacts through this.

Vodafone Keep my number for Existing Customer

Not everyone affords monthly call charges, so they cancel their existing number and take a new sim only deal. In that situation, they lost their previous number and started using the new service.

I have a solution for such condition, You can do one thing call Vodafone customer care and share your problem that you want to transfer your existing Vodafone number to pay as you go.

You will receive a new sim only when all your process is complete. Now call them again and tell that you have received monthly bill and want to transfer to PAYG Number.

This is why Vodafone always keeps it simple for their users for upgrading their plans. There is no need of PAC code to upgrade your package or plan.

Steps to Keep Same Number

  1. Visit the official website. Click here
  2. Click on Login option and Enter your credentials.
  3. Login into your dashboard.
  4. Click on Package option on the left side of the screen.
  5. Here you will find the details of your current plan.
  6. Click on upgrade button and choose the better plan.
  7. After this, you will get confirmation from the company on your email/mobile.

Vodafone Plans available for Existing Customers:

Sim only deals

PAYG Sim (Pay as you go) Samsung mobile deals iPhone deals
PMP (Pay monthly Phones) Business plan

Through this method, you can keep your Vodafone number even when you are upgrading your services. For any clarification call directly from your handset at 191 or 03333 040 191 from the different handset.

Keep My Mobile Number When Leaving Vodafone

If you have already decided to leave the company and join another service provider. You can take the same number from Vodafone with you. The only requirement is the PAC Code or STAC Code and after that, you are ready to move.

PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) Code and STAC (Service Termination Authorisation Code) code are the switching codes required to move your services to one provider to another. Both the codes are valid up to 30 days from the day it generates.

It is totally your call to provide a codes to your new provider.

How to Request for PAC or STAC Code

The person request for the code should be the account holder. The company has the policy to provide the code to the account holder only. Now for the account holder, there are 4 ways through which you can request it.

  1. Using Application.
  2. Through Official website.
  3. By Contacting Customer Service.
  4. Using messenger.

Using Web or Application

This is the most effective way to get a PAC code as you have to go to the official website.
Now Login to your My Account using email and password.
Under Account settings click on Mobile Switching.

All done wait for your code and share it with your new provider.

Through Official Website

Type Vodafone in your search bar or type https://www.vodafone.co.uk/.
Once you have open the website, click on Help Option.
Under Support Tab look for Chat assistant.
Now a chat window will appear, talk to the agent and ask for the code. see below image.

By Customer Support

If you have a talkative personality and ready to talk to peoples, then this is a nice option. Dial 191 from your vodafone handset and ask for the PAC Code.

Another number to contact customer service is 033333040191.

Using Text messenger

Text PAC and send it to 65075 from your Vodafone sim handset. After a few moments later you will receive a Text message from the company containing your PAC code. Share it with your service provider for a fast move.

PAC to 65075

Vodafone Keep my Number for New Customers

Want to start your service with the company and don’t want to lose your existing number. Don’t worry I am going to provide you with some steps that will help you to keep your same number with Vodafone.

Before moving further you must have PAC code, if you don’t know what is PAC Code, then you should ask your current service provider to provide you with code. You can ask from your old providers from any of the method shares above.

Pac code is necessary to transfer your services from one service provider to another. Without a code, you can’t use the Vodafone service and you have to purchase a new deal. Once you have your code you can buy a new phone or sim from the Vodafone store.

Make sure your sim is unlock otherwise you also need to request for Network Unlock Code (NUC) from the old company.

Vodafone Keep My Number Transfer Form

Once you have all the details with you, the next step is to fill transfer form. Transfer form is a type of a form that is required to keep your number & it is necessary to submit.

You will get two option over here & you have to choose according to which of the information you have:

I have a PAC Code I have a STAC Code

In the first option you have to enter details like below and all the information is mandatory:

1. Temporary Vodafone number
2. Porting Authorisation Code
3. The mobile number you want to keep

In the next option you have to provide details like:

1. New Vodafone number
2. Switching Termination Activation Code (STAC) 3. Previous Mobile number

How much time is required to complete the process

After the successful submission of your transfer form, it will take 24 hours if you have submitted your form on Monday to Friday before 5pm.

If you have submitted your form on weekends days and after 5pm, then it will take 2 working days.

National holidays and bank holidays are not considered as a working days, so in such a

situation next working day will count.

Steps to Keep Your Vodafone Number

If you want to keep your existing mobile number when porting to Vodafone, you typically need to follow these steps:

  1. Check Eligibility: Ensure that your number minimum 3 months old with your current service provider. In most cases, this involves making sure your account with your current provider is in good standing.
  2. Contact Vodafone: Contact Vodafone customer care support and ask for the details required for switching to Vodafone. Get in touch with Vodafone customer service or visit a Vodafone store. They will provide you with the necessary information and guide you through the process.
  3. Provide Information: You will likely need to provide certain information, such as your current phone number, your current provider’s account details, and possibly some identification.
  4. Wait for the Transfer: Once you have submitted all the documents to the store, your number will be scheduled for transfer. The process usually takes a few hours to a few days.
    During this time, it’s essential to keep your current SIM card active.
  5. Insert Vodafone SIM: Once the porting process is complete, insert your new Vodafone SIM card into your phone. Your phone number should now be active on the Vodafone network.

Keep my Number Vodafone Problem Solutions How can I join Vodafone from another network provider?

The process is very simple, select the plan you want to opt. Then share the existing number you want to keep. > PAC Code. Now you will receive a temporary number till your request is not complete.

Steps to move from Pay monthly to Pay as you go

You have to contact Vodafone customer service and ask to change your monthly bill type. It will take a minute or two and your sim is converted to Pay as you go.

Steps to move from Pay as you go to Pay monthly

All you need is your pay as you go number and monthly account number with details. You can find your account details by sending a Text With a Word ACCOUNT to 97886 from your Vodafone sim or you can dial 08080 408 408.

How can I cancel my Vodafone account?

In such a case you have to contact your account manager or call directly on 08080 408 408. Then ask for the cancellation of your account.