How to Make Talktalk Moving Home Process Ease in 2024 – Complete Guide

How to Make Talktalk Moving Home Process Ease in 2024 – Complete Guide

Talktalk Moving home is hustle if you are doing it for the first time. But after following all the instructions it can be a piece of cake.

Do you know that there are so many Talktalk Moving Home benefits for Talktalk customers?

You can take your existing packages or service with you free by using the moving home with talktalk features.

In this post, you will find all the necessary details or instructions you will need for the talktalk moving home process.

Make sure you have done all the things before you move to another location or shift to a new place.

Today, we know how stressful moving can be. This is why we’ve made Talktalk moving home strategy.

With us, you can easily book your house move online. All these things required only 3 steps:

Just log into Talktalk my account dashboard. Then under the account details section. Look for Talktalk moving home option.

Moving home with Talktalk Is just simple like you are shifting from one room to another.

If you’d prefer to speak to one of the customer service agents simply contact them. You can contact the support team via call, email or through Talktalk live chat before you start booking your home move.

TalkTalk Moving Home

I know, it is very difficult to remain calm when you are already in your new home. That’s the reason why Talktalk made a moving home process really easy.

You only have to make a request on customer service before 14 days from moving. These 14 days are the minimum time talktalk requires to process your request.

You can also make a request prior to 14 days but not exceed before 3 months.

When you are ready just share your new home address and the date. The service engineer will automatically check the connection from itself.

Broadband service is the first thing people search if they are from the online industry. What if they don’t find any connection in a new home.

So, we help you in shifting your home in such a way that you don’t get bored on your very first day.

Things to check before moving home with Talktalk

Check your Moving Date

Make sure you have checked your moving date. This helps the company to make an appointment with the technical engineers for your support.


The thing that I have discussed in the above paragraph reflects here. means, before planning your home move make sure that Talktalk services are available in your new location. If you have even 1% of doubt just cancel the appointment.

Initial Activation

Due to some crises there may be a delay in the service, as the company has to install a new connection to your new place if there is no cable connected.

So make your mind a delay may occur but 99% if you have applied for the request a month ago. Then you don’t have to worry.

During moving, the company will need a few details from you such as the date you would like your services to start at your new home and whether you would like to keep your current package or move on to a new one.

We will do everything we can to help you keep your phone number, this is normally possible if you’re moving to a nearby area.

But if you’re moving further away it may not be possible to keep your existing number but either way, We will let you know when you book your move so that you’re able to let your family and friends know about it.

If you’re on one of our fixed price plans you won’t have to sign a new contract for a new


We recommend that you get in touch with anyone currently living on the property and let them know about your plans on moving your services over.

The Process was really very easy but don’t get confused. follow each step one by one because Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Talktalk Customer Service
You need to contact customer support on 0345 172 0088. You can also use the Talk Talk

Live chat option in your my account dashboard.

Request for Home Move

Explain all the things regarding the move to the supportive agent. Also, confirm the service availability at your new address.

You can also raise a request through the official website under my account. Click on start moving home.

What is the Information Required

The agent whom you talk to will require information to raise a request such as

Your New Address
Date of the Appointment
Whether you want to continue with the same plan or want to upgrade.

Do you want Fibre or Adsl in your new Location?

After sharing all the details, ask for your request number and note it down somewhere for any further assistance. Also, write the Go Live date which the agent will confirm with you.

How to Pack all your Equipment

Manage all your equipment just like you are packing your dress for an event “Handle with care”.

The list of the things you have to carry to your new place is:

  • Broadband
  • All the wires and cables
  • Micro-filters if required
  • All the other product like Talktalk Tv box etc

That’s all, see how simple it is. be available at the place on the go-live date and give the confirmation report only if your connection is working.

TalkTalk moving home Cost & Time period

Everything is working according to the time period. There are some of the guidelines you have to follow for the company.

You have to inform the company 14 days prior to the live date. It is better if you request a company a month ago. So there will be no hassle in the process and don’t wait for the last day.

No need to pay a single penny if you are already in a contract. If you are not then the company will charge a cost of £60 for a request.

Talktalk also provides additional service for technical engineers for 10 days after completion of your request.

If the problem occurs after 10 days then you have to pay for that and it will add to your next month’s bill cycle. Which you can check in the Talktalk My Account View My Bill section.

How to check your Request Status online

After your request is complete you will get notified through Message or email on your registered e-mail id.

You can also check the status in your My Account section under the new update option or account details.

If you still have a problem knowing the status you can call customer service and provide the reference number you have (when you raised a request).

Moving Home With Talk Talk:

As regarding moving home with a talk talk fee, there is no such fee if you continue with your existing same plan.

You have to give at least 14 days’ notice to the company so that TalkTalk can arrange a hassle-free move for you.

You must tell your current owners regarding canceling your order, this will help prevent any equipment from going missing.

when you’re packing remember to take all your equipment with you including

  • Your router table
  • Talktalk TV box
  • Powerline
  • Adapters
  • Micro-filters and any cables you use.

It’s a good idea to have these in one box so when you’re in your new place you can easily

locate and unpack your equipment. you should just be able to plug in your equipment and get back up and running.

If you’d rather need someone, one of our engineers will come and help that’s fine too. You’ll see the option and the price online when you request your home move.

The welcome part will be sent to you and to keep you up to date we will send you updates via text messages or email.

You can also track and amend your order using Talktalk my account. If you need more help with this you can comment below. Search in the search box below or anything else just visit

TalkTalk Moving Home FAQs:

We can understand, when you raise a new home move request to talktalk there will be floods of questions coming in your mind.

So we have listed some of the most asked questions below and if you have other questions related to talktalk moving home you can comment below.

We will try to provide the best solution as soon as possible.

How do you talk to your parents about moving to a home?

If you are planning to move your home then you must first talk to your parents. Planning is all you need and it always works, so you know your parents very well and you have to figure out when and how you will talk.

Talk Talk Business Moving From Home to Business is it Possible?

Yes, It is possible to shift your well-established business from your home to the office. For that, you have to visit the official website of Talktalk or you can also contact them at Talk talk live chat.

How Much Time does it take for Talktalk Moving Home?

It is all up to you, if you have done proper planning to move your home then it will take at least 14 days for the process. otherwise, you have to book your movement three months prior.

Do I Need A New Contract and what is the cost?

The cost is totally free if you continue your existing contract with Talktalk. A new Contract is only offered to you when you want to upgrade your service or downgrade the service. Apart from that, you can continue with your same contract.

Do I get New Number or will my Number will Change?

If the exchange is the same and you are moving nearby then you can keep your existing number. However, You will require a new number if you are moving far away to a new exchange to confirm all the details during the request.