How To Fix Your Upload Speed So Slow Problem

How To Fix Your Upload Speed So Slow Problem

I have a faster fiber connection but why is my upload speed so slow? If you’re wondering the same then this post is for you. Here I have shared some of the methods to increase the speed in 30 seconds.

Most of the users will have the same questions that “Is upload speed totally depends on the service provider“?

The answers to this question are sometimes yes or maybe no because internet speed is not measured in terms of upload rate. However, internet speed is a combination of uploading speed and downloading speed.

Why is my upload speed so slow?

As we all know, the upload speed can be measured by uploading data from the device to the server.

whereas downloading speed is measured as the data downloading or we can say that that data retrieves from the server to the device.

I totally understand that it is really very frustrating, and it becomes more frustrating when we don’t find any resolution for it.

When you need to increase your upload speed

If you are a non-technical person and if you don’t use the online services that much, then

it may not affect you. the upload speed matters for the people who used to

Play online games To send a big file Make a video call Video conferencing Auto manager server To store data

Create or store a backup
Before doing some tweaks by yourself make sure you must check your internet plan.

  1. What is the maximum speed mentioned in your internet plan? 
  2. What is the average speed you are getting at your location?

If both the speeds are good then it’s time to change your service provider. you must choose a service provider who has a fast transfer rate with a constant ratio.

A constant ratio is a term who’s upload and download speed don’t fluctuate that much. like you are getting for example 10 MB upload speed at midnight so your upload speed at the daytime should remain nearby around 9 MB per second.

Why do we always consider download speed?

Most of you have experience in your life that whenever you go to choose a service provider you always select a service provider based on a downloading speed.

I do remember the first time when I used to choose a service provider. What I did was just download a file of 100Mb and it downloaded in fractions of seconds and I decided to use this service provider.

That was the biggest mistake I made. so never choose a service provider based on the downloading speed.

Fields Affected by Slow Upload Speed


If you’re running a business like handling a server, managing a server or working in an IT firm then you definitely require high upload and download speed. otherwise, it leads to a big loss in a financial situation.


When I use the term gaming it is not like PlayStation, Xbox or awesome video games. There are a lot of gamers who used to play heavy games online so they required high internet connectivity.

I don’t want to compromise with the quality of the game or with the lagging problem.


Yes, it is also affecting the students, as e-learning platforms start to establish in a country. Many of the students require good internet connectivity so that they can learn online. They required high internet speed to share their projects, work, streaming live sessions, downloading educational videos, and many more.

IT Firm

The IT sector is totally dependent on internet connectivity. means without the internet IT sector is nothing so they required the very highest speed of the internet to transfer data from one location to another.

Most of you people have heard of the title web designer so the job of a web designer is to download content from the server and design it and after that upload it to the server.

This is one of the examples in the IT sector and there are more like this profile who require even GBs of data per minute.

How will you find that my upload speed so slow

The point is how can you find that you are getting slow speed. it may be a problem with your device or maybe your router is very old so it is not able to give you that much speed.

In such a confusing situation I have listed some of the symptoms or the ways so that you can find that the problem is in your speed or in your device:

If you notice that in all of your device web pages taking a long time to open for some time it crashes the website then there is a problem with your speed.

Another way is when you open the Google map on your device and check your nearby location and just do surfing on the Google maps and if it is not clear then there is an internet speed issue.

Try to do a speed test with the different devices means first do the speed test from your phone. Next, Speed test from your device, Speed test from your desktop, and lastly, Speed test from your friend device at your place.

If you are not able to make FTP connections on your device or get an error message like not able to connect due to port 21 then there is an issue with your internet speed.

Some of Most Popular Speed Test Websites:

Speed Test By Google:

You can check your broadband speed from the google server. It always shows the exact speed you are getting at your location. If you want to know how you can check your speed on google follow the instructions:

Open your Browser
Type Internet Speed Test in google search.
And Click on Run Speed Test Button.
It will analyze your Upload and Download speed. After that, it shows the result like below.


It is a very known website in terms of slow upload broadband speed test. This website provides you with the result on the specific server areas. Like when I did the speed test according to my location. It shows me the result like this.

Steps for Speed test:

Open your Browser and Type
It will redirect you to the official website.
There you have to select the server first from the change server option. At last, Click on the Go option and it will start analyzing your Speed.

Reasons why upload speed is so slow

There are several reasons behind the upload speed. I’ve just listed a few reasons that according to me are on the top 10 list.


Even if you don’t have any firewall installed on your device, still this can be the reason for slow internet speed.

I don’t know whether you are aware of this or not, every system has an in-built firewall.

In their operating system to protect their users from viruses. check your firewall setting in your system and disable it and do a speed test again.

Limit Set by a service provider

You are not getting a sufficient internet speed because there may be a limit set by your service provider.

Most of the cheap service providers are having a low bandwidth so that is the reason that they are not able to provide you with high internet speed.

Problem with your Hardware

The problem is hardware directly pointing to your old router. Most people face this issue as they are unaware of the router.

Do check your router and if you want to check the software of your router click on the below button.

Data consumed by background apps

Have you ever noticed whenever you just turn on your system there are some background applications that are running automatically?

They consume a large amount of data. This may also affect the internet speed of a system. Try to disable autoload applications from the background.

Drivers are not update

Many people have been using the system for a long time and they never ever update it. Results in lower internet speed.

Always try to update your drivers every week or at least in a month to get better performance.

Software are not update

Just like drivers make sure the software of your system is up to date otherwise you are not able to get high internet speed.

Too many devices connected

This is also a reason for getting low speed. as the number of devices connected results in low internet speed.

If you want to connect more than 5 devices at a time, then you must go for a better internet plan. Otherwise, try to use one device at a time to get high speed.

Using Proxy or VPN

If your device is connected through VPN to all the proxies then it results in a slow internet connection.

VPN uses a server to connect different locations resulting in slow downloading and uploading speed. which is the retrieve from different areas across the world.

These are some of the reasons that, according to me, affect the internet speed. If you have figured out what is causing a problem with your internet speed then that’s good. Otherwise, I have mentioned some of my own techniques to get high speed in 30 seconds.

Solve upload speed so slow in 30 seconds

This method will increase the internet speed of your Mac, windows and even your mobile phone. It only requires 30 seconds for a minute to increase your speed for free.

The thing is using free DNS servers that are available for the public and can be accessed by anyone.

Cloudflare is one of the best DNS service providers in 2020. It provides a DNS service linked with Google and opens DNS.

The best thing about Cloudflare is that they have each step mentioned on their official website.

click this link if you want to read each step carefully.

In order to set up in 30 seconds, all you need to do is just change your DNS service IP address to Then click on the save option. you can use the same configuration in your system, mobile, etc.

How to Increase Your Internet Speed Effectively

Try to remove your temporary files from the system. Temporary files include your recycle bin, your history, your cache, and the cookies stored in your browser.

Remove the prefetch data stored in your system. prefetch data has some of the files that are stored and keep on running in the background.

You can remove the prefetch data from the system by following the below methods.

Remove a virus from your system. This is one of the reasons for getting a slow upload speed. Try to scan your system before using it. or you can also disable it by installing antivirus software.

You can also use DNS servers to increase your internet speed. I have listed the top 3 best DNS server providers below. So you can visit the link and check which is more suitable for you.

This is only beneficial for people who need internet speed during high peak hours. Otherwise, if you don’t use the internet that much you can avoid the peak hours in that case you don’t require any DNS server.

Things to keep in mind for high speed.

Always use the antivirus of a good company. Keep your system up to date.
Connect your device with an ethernet cable Minimize your background applications Always use the best service provider. Replace your old router with the new one.

FAQs on why is my upload speed so slow

Why is my upload speed so slow?

Upload speed depends on your connection whether you are using a wifi connection or a cable connection. if you are getting low speed try to change your type of connection and use ethernet cables. It gives a better result.

How to do a Speed test online?

There are several websites available on the internet to do a speed test. According to me, the Internet speed test by Google and is the most popular website. It gives you the exact test results based on your server.

Hope now you will get an answer to your question about why my upload speed is slow? you are still having a problem do comment below or if you like this post do share your review at iEsphere review.